Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Knew I Was in Trouble When...

... I didn't want to knit.

What I thought was a "nasty arse chest cold," in fact left me thinking I might have mono.

Um, yeah.

Not looking like it is mono, although in my hypochondriac brain, I was convinced for two days that I did have it. What worried me the most, is that I didn't even want to knit. Not socks, not mitre squares, not scarves, nothing!!! It made me both very sad, and very nervous.

I took Monday off work, then Tuesday and I went for acupuncture in the afternoon. I tried going in yesterday, and my boss looked at me and said, in a sweet way "The phones are slow today. You can go home. Really, you can go."

The nice thing about an office job is they don't want you there when you are sick, which is such a different thing from working in the restaurant where, unless you are bleeding severely or vomiting profusely, if you cant get your shift covered, you must show up.

So, I left work yesterday, went to an urgent care facility since I don't have a primary care physician, and saw a physician's assistant who spent a total of 3 minutes with me, told me I didn't have strep, it probably want mono, but I should go for a monostat test just to be sure. Drink lots of fluids and rest; resume activity as your energy levels allow.

Golly gee, 'ya think? Here's $110 for telling me what I already knew and looking at me like I was a whack for going to acupuncture before going to the "doctor." You should have seen the way she looked at me when I said I don't have a primary care physician, I go for acupuncture. After that visit, it just confirmed my belief that I am doing the right thing by avoiding Western medicine.

On a positive note, I am feeling better today. Not as tired, not as achy, my throat is feeling better, my appetite has come back, and last night, I knitted! I am pretty sure it isn't mono, but the lab results wont be back until Monday. I stayed home from work today again because I'm not 100% and I didn't want to get there and feel like poo an hour later. I am getting ready to take another nap today, and I might try taking the dog out for a walk later (it is a gorgeous Spring day out there), we'll have to see.

At any rate, it is clear to me that I am a giant baby when it comes to being sick, but I already knew that. No surprises there. My only regret is that I didn't want to do any knitting, and I feel like I lost a lot of "free time," but as my mother said, it wasn't free time, I was sick. Just a gentle reminder that from time to time, we all need to be gentle with ourselves.

I am officially pooped, time for a nap...peace out happy knitters. Seeing as we are still having camera issues, I know that blog posting without pictures are dreadfully boring, and while I have no knitting pictures to show you, I do have lots of stock dog photos to cute is Mr. Kendall??? Gotta love the pup! Just look at that mug...

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