Monday, April 16, 2007


Well, I managed to get my taxes done, and by the way, I will be getting a very nice ball winder, thank you very much! But, as soon as I got everything done on Saturday morning, a huge grey cloud swallowed me up and started raining all over my parade.

The "slight tickle" in the back of my throat that had been there every since the family came to visit for Easter and my mom was smoking in my apartment, turned into nasty-arse chest cold. This happens to me frequently: I have a lot of stuff that I need to get done, and as soon as it gets finished, my body just crashes. So, I have not left the house since I went to work on Friday, have been holed up in my apartment all weekend drinking ginger tea and reeking of Vapo Rub.

Good times.

I called in sick to work today because 1. I can and 2. I need to be healthy for the end of this week - clients, Massage school reunion dinner and a trip to NYC with my friend Dr. Alicia (she's in Chiropractic school and she is fabulous!). Better to take a day, kick this stupid bug out of my system and get on with my life. I've been taking the Flu Away remedy from the Arvigo Massage technique that I specialize in, and drinking Aloe Vera juice all morning. I am wearing 3 full layers of clothing and I hope that I am going to be able to sweat this out of myself. At some point today, I need to migrate out of the house, go to the bank and get my new glasses readjusted. I may stop out and pick up some echinacea throat drops and a large container of OJ. I am kind of in the mood for chicken noodle soup, but I think that some nice hot Miso with rice crackers might do instead.

Enough about my physical illness, lets start taking about my new mental addiction. It seems only fitting that since I have now watched all the episode of The Shield and 95% of the DVD commentaries, that I need to find something else to become obsessed with. That thing, my dear readers, are mitered squares. I bought the Mason Dixon knitting book a few months back. I looked lovingly over its glossy, hard-covered pages, and I said "hmm, those squares look like fun, but I sure wouldn't want to ave to sew them all up."

I will reference back to this post at a latter date when I have been admitted into the Sane Home for Insane Knitters.

I got 3 1/3 squares done last night. I am making them out of LionBrand Homespun, and they are for my parent's Christmas present, a bedspread. The nice thing about using the Homespun in my mother wont "accidentally" felt the blanket, and trust me, out of necessity, things at my parents' house get washed A LOT. Also, using the pattern in the book and casting on with 72 stitches, it works out that the blocks are exactly twelve inches I only need to do 48 of them (6 blocks wide by 8 blocks long). I just can't wait to see what this behemoth will look like when its all done.

Still having camera issues, although I could afford to get a new one with my tax refund, I am being a judicious shopper and not just running out to buy the coolest new gadget I can find (please don't ask me what has happened every time I have ever bought a cell phone). I am waiting to find the camera I want at the price I am willing to pay. This is a balancing act that we cannot rush people, except that I do need to hurry up and have a camera for next weekend. It'll all work out, it always does.

Well, this is a super long post for me, even without any pictures. Just wanted to say that while my mom was here, we went to Trumpet Hill (my LYS that still does not have a website up otherwise I would link to it), and while I was not able to convince her she wanted to knit, the first thing she picked up in the store was Noro. I take that as a good sign. Then she wanders over to the sock yarn (on her own, like she instinctively knew where to go or something), and picked up a skein of the yarn I have been knitting into socks for her for Mother's Day, in a different colorway, and she said "I'd like this if it came in purple."

Two guesses which colorway this smart knitter was already using.

I love it when a plan comes together!

Happy knitting kiddies, and I'll see you on the kniternet!

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