Wednesday, July 25, 2007

In the Abscence of HNB...

...I find myself unable to sleep.

It is after midnight, normally I am well on my way to sleepy time. Not so much tonight.

My darling overindulged in the Labatt Blue like only he can, and he had to spend the night at his friend's house in Saratoga. I much prefer this to his driving home (or me going to pick him up and then having to bring him back up there to get his truck), but still, my mind wants to go to sleep and my body wont let me.

I went to dinner tonight with my lawyer friend, we had a lovely time, and then I went to get groceries.

At 9:30 at night.

By myself.

I had to bring all the bags up to my apartment (normally HNB goes with me and carries the bags for me because that's how he rolls, that, and most of the food is for him). I put all the groceries away, cleaned out the fridge and freezer, did the dishes, ran the dishwasher, did a load of laundry (and folded it!) and made a pot of organic black bean soup in the crock pot (did I mention I started with dry beans and had to soak and cook them???!!).

Now, its way past my bed time. I am hoping I will fall into bed in a minute or two and drift soundly to sleep, but I don't think so. I love having him here, but I'm not so in love with the being so used to him being here that I can't fall asleep without him. I guess this is what people do though...they get used to being with people, and they depend on them and then that's how a real relationship is deepened and strengthened.

All I know is my HNB is sleeping on some couch tonight, and I will fall asleep eventually in my uber-comfy bed with my dog snuggled up behind my arse or up against my belly, wishing that HNB was here and thinking how wonderful it will be when I see him again.

, and I am such a girl.

Sweet dreams people of the inter-tubes...I am off to Ambien land!

PS - The application was submitted at 11:05 least I got something done in the absence of HNB besides domestical crap!


Today is the day.

Yes, it is time for WWWdotWEDNESDAYdotCOM, but today is also the day I am actually going to send in my application for grad school.

Yep kids, you heard right...I am going to do it today.

In honor of this, today's link is for Ellis College, where I will be sending in my application and $85 right after wok today. See, with my work schedule and massage therapy practice, going to a brick and mortar school would be very difficult if not impossible, and would also cause Mr. Kendall to turn into even more of a latchkey dog than he already is (and who wants that?). I mean really, look at this face...

Now that I have distracted you with cute dog photos, I will take this opportunity to admit that going back to school has been the plan since I took the new job in November. I had to wait until the first week in June to begin classes so that I would get my tuition reimbursement from the company ($5k a year!), but, you may ask, why have I waited another two months to actually get the paperwork in and get the ball rolling?

The easy answer is to blame it on all the time I spend with HNB, and that has played a part in my delay. Also, I decided that I didn't really want to start grad school at the beginning of the summer, and there are financial aid implications (like me having to fill out another freakin' FAFSA form to start before August/September). Truth be told, even after the tuition reimbursement, I am still going to be paying for a large portion of this with loans, and I am slightly hesitant to take out more student loans than I already have.

I took out a doozy of a loan when I was in undergraduate (I paid my own way through and worked to pay all my living expenses, but tuition and books were expensive) and the one for massage therapy school still has another 12 years left on it, do I really need to add to this?? And, truth be told, my track record for using my degree once I graduate isn't the greatest. I defend this by saying "What the hell can you do with a BA in psychology and a dual minor in English and women's studies besides waitress or be poor?" As for the massage therapy degree, I never intended to use it to provide my sole source of income, so the fact that it is more of a side business really is okay with me.

I figure, I can take 5k worth of class there in the calendar year, if I don't like it, no harm no foul my company paid the bill. Kind of like when the restaurant I used to work for (many, many moons ago) paid for me to take a summer graduate level class in education and I promptly decided that Education graduate students are a special type of crazy and I didn't want to be a teacher. I'll give it a shot, make the most of it, try to explain to HNB why I never see him anymore and bunker down and go back to school.

This just leaves us one question to be answered: Is it appropriate to buy yourself a new back to school wardrobe if you are going back to school online??? I think the answer is yes my lovelies, I think the answer is yes.

PS for my Lawyer Friend: The baby hat is done, the sweater has one sleeve and one entire body done. Today while at work I will make the other sleeve and start working on the neck/shoulders area. Estimated time to completion, Saturday. Pictures to follow promptly.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Of which there will be some (and none!) in this post.

Firstly, my weekend with HNB and my family went very well. He liked them, they liked him, everyone behaved and was polite. Food was cooked, beer was drank, a hotel was stayed in and doggies went to their grandparent's houses so their respective mommy and daddy could sleep peacefully and beyond the hour of 6am...all was good with the world. We played in the pools at my aunts' houses, went for a boat ride along the St. Lawrence River with my dad and brother...all in all it was good times.

We "took the scenic" route yesterday and the trip home took us about eight and a half hours when it should only take about four, but we did stop at HNB's family camp. It was beautiful and peaceful and I look forward to making him take me up there in the fall when the leaves change colors so we can enjoy another weekend of dog-less wonder.

Here are pictures. In retrospect, I wish I had taken a little movie of it so that you could hear the water rushing was surprisingly loud and I fear if we were there for any length of time I would be tinkling a lot.

In the last one, you can kind of see how orange the water is. HNB said because of all the leather tanning they used to do in the area, the water still flows with a pretty strong orange tint. Whatever, it is beautiful and I wanted to go jump around in it, but I only had my Crocs with me and they are not the best shoes to be wearing in rapidly moving water, IMO, so I stayed on the shore and took pictures. At least I took pictures until my camera ran out of batteries.

We drove home through the Adirondack Park, and poor HNB (who had to listen to me say "Ooh, babe look - a kayak!" every time I saw one strapped to a car) was forced to listen to "Ooh, babe I wish I had my kayak!" as we dove past about a gazillion calm lakes and slow moving streams that are perfect for the type of kayaking I like to do. I need to "gently encourage" HNB to get a kayak and then get a roof rack for my car and we can just take off and go kayaking like a couple of kayakers.

What, "this is supposed to be a knitting blog" you say? Well, here is where the disappointment comes in (see, the rest of the post, completely lacking in disappointment because I was one very happy knitter all weekend!). Whilst driving home yesterday, I saw a sign that said, amongst other things, "yarn shop." HNB, being the best boyfriend ever, pulled a u-turn and promptly delivered me, wallet in hand, to the "yarn shop."

We pulled in the driveway, and seeing as the sign instructed us to "blow your horn," HNB tooted the tooter and we waited. Nothing.

Eventually, the neighbor came out and went to go get the people who lived in the house with a sign that said "yarn shop." At this point in the story, I would like to take this opportunity to explain a little more about where we were, geographically speaking.

We were in the middle of East Bumblef*ck, on what amounted to a mass of farm land. One could assume, with a sign that says "yarn shop" given the geographic location of the area that even though sheep were not visible, they must be close by, right???

Eventually, a very old gentleman came out and said yes, they had yarn and it was in the house. HNB stayed outside to entertain the dog and I walked through a dirty garage into a dirty house that smelled like kitty tinkle, the gentleman who came out of the house called to his wife that "there was a yarn customer" and he opened the door to a small room and told me to go in because his wife would be right with me.

I walked in, and it was filled with acrylic. Not even good acrylic. We're talking pastel baby yarn from 1973 and really, really, really old musty patterns and toilet paper crochet cover things. I waited until the lady came into the room, and politely asked if she had any wool. Because, it as obvious the beautiful handspun and dyed wool from the beautiful flock of invisible sheep must be hiding somewhere that was safe from the obviously evil peeing kitties. Her response, gentle blog readers, sent chills down my spine:

"I am allergic to wool, don't use it so I don't sell it."

She said this with a straight face as if her being allergic somehow made it okay for her to call this sorry collection of yarn a "yarn shop." Truth be told, it was more of a moderate sized stash of really bad yarn. I felt duped. I felt sad. I felt like I wanted to cry.

In the end, I said thank you, but that I really was looking for wool, and then we made small talk about an atrocious cardigan that had been knitted in a very scratchy acrylic yarn in a color that would not be becoming in a person the size it was knitted for. Then I left. Empty handed.

HNB looked at me quizzically when I came back to the car, and I tried not to laugh/cry as I told him it was okay to get back in the car because there would be no purchases here. For Miss Kniternet had struck out at bat, and there would be no stash enhancing opportunity that day. Nope. No new yarn for me.

We trudged on home, and I sat there not knitting (because while I brought my knitting with me, there was no actual knitting performed all weekend - sorry Lawyer Friend, I promise the baby sweater will be finished soon - opening day of the track tomorrow means HNB is out of the picture until Friday...I have lots of free time!), even though I did have about ten hours in the car that were prime knitting time - two hours were lost to sleep - I just so enjoyed being a passenger for the first time in a zillion years that I stared out the window and HNB and I had good car conversation.

All in all it was a great trip, even if the lack of truth in advertising did cause me to think there was yarn available where there was only crap. The doggies had fun, HNB and I had fun and I think I speak for everyone when I say we are happy to be home. On a final note, super cute picture of my dog and his nephew Sam (my parents' dog) playing in the backyard with my brother. Peace out - post tomorrow...I promise!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Did 'Ya Miss Me?

Cause heaven knows I missed the wonderful tubes of the internet!

I had a lovely trip to see my family, filled with lots of sleeping, , family togetherness and Mr. Kendall being a good dog (seriously, no sarcasm there). HNB and I are going back up there together this upcoming weekend so he can meet my family (!) and I am thinking things will go fantastically well. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Of course, as usual, I brought my camera but didn't really take any pictures. You would be correct in thinking all the pictures I did take are of my dog, so when I have time to download them to my computer, you will be regaled with cute photos of my four legged baby. I misses him because he stayed for an extended vacation at his Gramma and Grampa's house. It just didn't make sense to bing him home for four days and then bring him back up there and have him stay there without me [HNB and I are getting a hotel - two double beds of course ; ) - so Mr. Kendall has to stay with my parents because they don't allow dogs] next weekend. I figured he could enjoy being a country dog for the week and I could sleep in a little bit in the mornings!

Before I forget, this week's WWWdotWEDNESDAYdotCOM is for which is a uber-wonderful website where crafty peoples make things and then sell them. It's kind of like an online craft market, and is filled with all sorts of wonderful ideas and pieces and truth be told, I could spend a lot of time (and money!) there. Last night I made a purchase, and I can't wait for my stuff to get here (don't worry, I promise I will take pictures when it arrives!).

On to the knitting. Last post, I realize was all about the "yarn stash" problem, but I feel in the ten minutes I have to finish posting this before I need to leave for work, we should discuss the alarming problem of the number of things I have on my needles, i.e. the number of current projects I am working on. Off the top of my head, I can think of no fewer than nine unfinished projects I am currently working on:
  1. My parent's Christmas mitre square afghan
  2. Purple socks for my Mom
  3. Baby blanket for BFF Erika
  4. Teddy Bear for Jennica
  5. Rainbow Opal socks for me
  6. Lavender Mittens
  7. Pink and white cotton baby hat
  8. Jennica's baby sweater
  9. Knitting for Peace messenger bag
Add to this the fact that the yarn was delivered to me yesterday for my fist contracted knitting assignment, and it is Cashmerino and I must stat knitting with it straightaway, and that combines for a pretty full bag of knitting tricks. Problem is I have so much yarn now, that I want to cast on for even more projects and I am a fickle, fickle knitter who has no control of herself. I fear becoming the knitter who has projects she forgot about casting on and then finds them years later and doesn't remember what they are.

For all of these reasons, sometime in the near future, a fair and honest inventory will be taken of all current projects, along with a "status check" of the craft closet. This will involve photo documentation as well as the welcoming of public admonishment for my shameful knitting ways. I fear public humiliation is the only thing that can save me now.

Well, I am off to work, and I have a bag FULL of tricks to knit with today ; )

Peace out kiddies and Happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Falling Down

Sorry for the abscnece. I got to play Florence Nightengale all weekend because HNB caught my illness and was super sick all weekend. He was a very manly sick person though, no whining and/or whimpering. I practically had to make him let me take care of him...yeah, thats what happenned ; )

On to business. My best friend that just got engaged, well, she's also with child. Remind me not to drink the water in Syracuse, these things are contagious! News of the upcoming baby (and wedding!) prompted a visit to AC Moore last night.

I had a little accident.

Back in the day, say about last week, I was the type of knitter who went to the store to get yarn for a specific project. I might not cast on for it immediately, but the yarn was bought with a purpose, and intention of what it was supposed to be. Didn't always become what I had originally planned on, but it was never bough all willy nilly. Sure, I had what I considered "stash," it was a few small leftover skeins and two balls of souvenir yarn from a trip last year, and I always have sock yarn (see the rules about yarn - sock yarn doesn't count as stash or as yarn purchasing really), but I didn't feel the situation was out of control.

Last night, while shopping, it occurred to me that I now have so much yarn for so many projects, that there is no way I can remember what project I bought what yarn for. Furthermore, I continue to be bombarded with new reasons to buy yarn and new things I need to make.

FYI to my people, please stop reproducing, joining your lives in everlasting love and union with boys, having birthdays, and wanting me to celebrate Christmas with you, there by expecting that I make you something of knitterly goodness. Also, if I could be released from all social responsibilities for the next year, I may have a chance to get all this knitting done. Oh, and HNB if you are reading this, please quit your job so you can drive me around everywhere I need to go for the next couple of months so that I can stop wasting valuable time on "personal transportation," and can instead focus on knitting at least until I can get caught up with the yarn. Don't worry, I can drive myself to the yarn shop (I don't want you being able to see that I am in fact adding to the stash which is making it necessary for you to chauffeur me around).

I leiu of my sanity, of which there is obviously none left, I present pictures of what was procured.

This will become the baby blanket for my BFF's new little bundle of joy who is due in March. I am using blue, not because she knows the baby will be a boy, but because there is a long tradition of fuzzy blue blankets in her family and in the apartment we used to share.

One can never have too much warshrag cotton, especially if it is on sale for $1.19 a ball. My mom's birthday is on Friday, need to make her a quick little sachet out of this and some lilac potpurri today. I'm thinking the pink is more her style.

Onward and upward, this was on sale for $5.99 a bag (its mill ends, but it is Lion Band Homespun - $2 a skein isn't half bad!). This will be for the Red Scarf Project 2008 charity knitting shenanigans.

And, seeing as I am going away this weekend to see the family (there will be no more posting until next week - super sorry lawyer friend!), I wanted to make sure HNB had something to keep himself occupied with. I may have mentioned he is super smart, but I am pretty sure I didn't confide in all of you that he is also capable (and quite competent, actually!) at solving a Rubix cube. He also loves the Mets.

That oughta keep him busy, right?

On to this week's WWWdotWEDNESDAYdotCOM posting. Great little crafty website called How About Orange. It focuses a lot on craftiness and design, and I just think the look of her website and the content is very warm and cheery. Lots of good stuff over there - go check it out!

Well, I am off to run some errands before work. Wish me fun at my parent's house, hopefully I will have lots of time to knit! Peace out kiddies.

Friday, July 6, 2007

A Post to Say I Posted

I had grand plans for getting a bazillion things accomplished today. Because of the July 4th holiday, a lot of the people at work who do the 11:30-8:00 shift took the week off, so I had the opportunity to go in late today. HNB works late on Thursday nights, so he wasn't coming over last night. I came home from work, went to le Tarjay and spent a lot of $$ buying things to organize my office.

See, I got rid of my old office configuration a few months ago, and they way I changed it to just wasn't cutting it. So, I bought a lovely 6' folding banquet table for $34, combined it with the 4' long card table I have already been using to store my printer and paper accessories, and made an office!

View from the front:
And view from the side:

Yes, you may have noticed the purple bumper sticker that says "Save the Uterus." Feel free to ask me about it sometime!

Well, I really enjoy my new office space, and it feels good to have a large flat surface to work off of again. The desk is a little messy and the carpet needs to be vacuumed (it never occured to me to wait to take the pictures until after I had done these things), but I think that it will work out just fine for me. Grad school is supposed to be starting soon, and I am going to need some place to be smart ; )

Oh, so on to the bazillion things. Had to go to Target, make some cupcakes, do some laundry, a whole whack of cleaning (see above), and then there was the feather in my cap...I had to call Vonage to shut off my phone service with them because quite frankly it sucks.

Now, I work as a customer service rep, I understand the reps have NOTHING to do with the hold time, but when I have been waiting for 35 minutes to cancel my sevice becuase their website wasn't working properly, and then some boy who sounded like he would have been scared of his own shadow starts trying to get me to keep my service, well, lets just say gentle blog readers, it wasn't one of my finer moments.

But you know what, I don't feel sorry. Confidence is a trait I demand in people, and those that don't have it can make up for it by being either smart or cute. Yohan (yes, seriously his name was Yohan), may have been very cute, but over the phone, you just can't tell, so therefore nothing saved him from me unleashing a very un-knitterly flurry of not nice-ness, which, I must say, might not have happened had I been knitting while on hold instead of cleaning.

Moral of the story is, I am late for work, and because of the karmic cycle of the world, I will probably get screamed at all day by cranky old people. Or perhaps, my loudness was me balancing the karma of all the times I have calmly and patiently talked the elderly people off the ledge of crankiness ans back into the warm confines of niceness.

Yeah, thing about that karma wheel, you never know which way it's turning.

Enjoy your weekend, and if you are an old person calling your insurance company today, remember that I am confident, smart and cute, so please don't yell at me, okay??!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy July 4th!

Well, not only is it July 4th, its also Wednesday, and you know what that means....WWWdotWEDNESDAYdotCOM!! Whoo and my I add Hoo!

Okay, the original plan was to have this as this week's link,

Knitting, animation..what's not to love??

But then I found this on the Onion's website, and somehow it seemed more appropriate for today.

I Should Not Be Allowed To Say The Following Things About America

The Onion

I Should Not Be Allowed To Say The Following Things About America

As Americans, we have a right to question our government and its actions. However, while there is a time to criticize, there is also a time to follow in complacent silence. And that time is now.

Happy July 4th and be well and safe!

Monday, July 2, 2007


I am sick, and it sucks! Sore throat on one side, my ear on that side is painful, and my whole body just aches, plus, I am super sleepy. So I called in sick to work today and slept. So sick, I don't even want to knit. I almost didn't even blog about knitting today, but at my lawyer friend's urging, I am here. Blogging. Through. My. Illness.

Knitting content!

Baby hat the Third, recipient unknown:

Pictures of the s'mores squares from last week, don't they look tasty??!!

Actually, they did not pohotograph so well in my opnion (I think it was the tinfoil), but damn they taste good.

Here is a picture of the bear in progress:
See, he's wearing green shorts and then he will have a blue sweater (maybe with a matching blue vest or scarf). Problem is I need to get a 16" size 7 circular needle so I can get the bear off the DPNs and get the raglan arms set in. Right now the bear took a little bit of a break on a 24" size 7 because I wanted to see how it was coming along and make sure the proportions are looking okay. Haven't had a chance to get it back on the DPNs co I can start knitting it again.

What? You want to know how things went yesterday? Hmmm, do ya, do ya??

They went really well. I met both his parents, his sister and one of his brothers (the other one lives in Florida), and about five assorted dogs. As soon as I got off the highway and into town, I saw a little farm with sheep, and I knew things were going to be okay. I found the house with no real problems, and pulled in. HNB was working on his new car. His dog jumped up to say hello, and he had to come over and pull her down so I could get out of the car - that Ursa just loves me, I tell 'ya what! We kind of stood there for a little while, at HNB's request, I brought Kendall with me, and all the other dogs were very excited to meet him. He was a little less interested. I don't think he's ever been around that many dogs at once, and Ursa wanted nothing to do with him for some strange reason. So he was kind of on his own, poor baby. First time not fenced in and not on a leash (read through the rest of the post to find out why this was a bad idea).

So anyway, HNB's mom and I talked for a while, he showed me the house when he was done working on the car. I got to see his room from when he was younger and watch him work on his car (he's so manly!), I offered to help with dinner, but HNB must have warned her that I can't cook because she declined my help ; )

We went outside and he showed me the backyard and their pond, it was all great until Kendall decided to run up the road. While a car was driving by, and almost got hit. HNB got in the car and went to grab him, because the little jerk wouldn't stop running away from me and wouldn't come when I called him (this is why he doesn't get let off the leash!).

We had dinner, and it was good. Salad salad and fruit salad, bruschetta, a very nice pasta dish and steak sandwiches for the meat eaters. They also had some of the home-made wine they made, and it was very good. All in all, I think it went really well. I was nervous for no reason; his family was just very laid back and comfortable, kind of like him. Middleburgh is a beautiful area, the views are just incredible and there are animals all over (sheep, cows, horses, dogs and I even saw some badgers and a fox - it was like a nature excursion!). On the way home, I saw a rainbow. It was just kind of a perfect day.

So perfect, in fact, that Kendall is so tired, this is what he did all day:

And with the exception of the two minutes it took me to find the camera and take the picture, I was right there next to him. Twas loverly! Now, if you will excuse me, I have some soup to eat and some tea to drink.