Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Falling Down

Sorry for the abscnece. I got to play Florence Nightengale all weekend because HNB caught my illness and was super sick all weekend. He was a very manly sick person though, no whining and/or whimpering. I practically had to make him let me take care of him...yeah, thats what happenned ; )

On to business. My best friend that just got engaged, well, she's also with child. Remind me not to drink the water in Syracuse, these things are contagious! News of the upcoming baby (and wedding!) prompted a visit to AC Moore last night.

I had a little accident.

Back in the day, say about last week, I was the type of knitter who went to the store to get yarn for a specific project. I might not cast on for it immediately, but the yarn was bought with a purpose, and intention of what it was supposed to be. Didn't always become what I had originally planned on, but it was never bough all willy nilly. Sure, I had what I considered "stash," it was a few small leftover skeins and two balls of souvenir yarn from a trip last year, and I always have sock yarn (see the rules about yarn - sock yarn doesn't count as stash or as yarn purchasing really), but I didn't feel the situation was out of control.

Last night, while shopping, it occurred to me that I now have so much yarn for so many projects, that there is no way I can remember what project I bought what yarn for. Furthermore, I continue to be bombarded with new reasons to buy yarn and new things I need to make.

FYI to my people, please stop reproducing, joining your lives in everlasting love and union with boys, having birthdays, and wanting me to celebrate Christmas with you, there by expecting that I make you something of knitterly goodness. Also, if I could be released from all social responsibilities for the next year, I may have a chance to get all this knitting done. Oh, and HNB if you are reading this, please quit your job so you can drive me around everywhere I need to go for the next couple of months so that I can stop wasting valuable time on "personal transportation," and can instead focus on knitting at least until I can get caught up with the yarn. Don't worry, I can drive myself to the yarn shop (I don't want you being able to see that I am in fact adding to the stash which is making it necessary for you to chauffeur me around).

I leiu of my sanity, of which there is obviously none left, I present pictures of what was procured.

This will become the baby blanket for my BFF's new little bundle of joy who is due in March. I am using blue, not because she knows the baby will be a boy, but because there is a long tradition of fuzzy blue blankets in her family and in the apartment we used to share.

One can never have too much warshrag cotton, especially if it is on sale for $1.19 a ball. My mom's birthday is on Friday, need to make her a quick little sachet out of this and some lilac potpurri today. I'm thinking the pink is more her style.

Onward and upward, this was on sale for $5.99 a bag (its mill ends, but it is Lion Band Homespun - $2 a skein isn't half bad!). This will be for the Red Scarf Project 2008 charity knitting shenanigans.

And, seeing as I am going away this weekend to see the family (there will be no more posting until next week - super sorry lawyer friend!), I wanted to make sure HNB had something to keep himself occupied with. I may have mentioned he is super smart, but I am pretty sure I didn't confide in all of you that he is also capable (and quite competent, actually!) at solving a Rubix cube. He also loves the Mets.

That oughta keep him busy, right?

On to this week's WWWdotWEDNESDAYdotCOM posting. Great little crafty website called How About Orange. It focuses a lot on craftiness and design, and I just think the look of her website and the content is very warm and cheery. Lots of good stuff over there - go check it out!

Well, I am off to run some errands before work. Wish me fun at my parent's house, hopefully I will have lots of time to knit! Peace out kiddies.

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