Monday, July 2, 2007


I am sick, and it sucks! Sore throat on one side, my ear on that side is painful, and my whole body just aches, plus, I am super sleepy. So I called in sick to work today and slept. So sick, I don't even want to knit. I almost didn't even blog about knitting today, but at my lawyer friend's urging, I am here. Blogging. Through. My. Illness.

Knitting content!

Baby hat the Third, recipient unknown:

Pictures of the s'mores squares from last week, don't they look tasty??!!

Actually, they did not pohotograph so well in my opnion (I think it was the tinfoil), but damn they taste good.

Here is a picture of the bear in progress:
See, he's wearing green shorts and then he will have a blue sweater (maybe with a matching blue vest or scarf). Problem is I need to get a 16" size 7 circular needle so I can get the bear off the DPNs and get the raglan arms set in. Right now the bear took a little bit of a break on a 24" size 7 because I wanted to see how it was coming along and make sure the proportions are looking okay. Haven't had a chance to get it back on the DPNs co I can start knitting it again.

What? You want to know how things went yesterday? Hmmm, do ya, do ya??

They went really well. I met both his parents, his sister and one of his brothers (the other one lives in Florida), and about five assorted dogs. As soon as I got off the highway and into town, I saw a little farm with sheep, and I knew things were going to be okay. I found the house with no real problems, and pulled in. HNB was working on his new car. His dog jumped up to say hello, and he had to come over and pull her down so I could get out of the car - that Ursa just loves me, I tell 'ya what! We kind of stood there for a little while, at HNB's request, I brought Kendall with me, and all the other dogs were very excited to meet him. He was a little less interested. I don't think he's ever been around that many dogs at once, and Ursa wanted nothing to do with him for some strange reason. So he was kind of on his own, poor baby. First time not fenced in and not on a leash (read through the rest of the post to find out why this was a bad idea).

So anyway, HNB's mom and I talked for a while, he showed me the house when he was done working on the car. I got to see his room from when he was younger and watch him work on his car (he's so manly!), I offered to help with dinner, but HNB must have warned her that I can't cook because she declined my help ; )

We went outside and he showed me the backyard and their pond, it was all great until Kendall decided to run up the road. While a car was driving by, and almost got hit. HNB got in the car and went to grab him, because the little jerk wouldn't stop running away from me and wouldn't come when I called him (this is why he doesn't get let off the leash!).

We had dinner, and it was good. Salad salad and fruit salad, bruschetta, a very nice pasta dish and steak sandwiches for the meat eaters. They also had some of the home-made wine they made, and it was very good. All in all, I think it went really well. I was nervous for no reason; his family was just very laid back and comfortable, kind of like him. Middleburgh is a beautiful area, the views are just incredible and there are animals all over (sheep, cows, horses, dogs and I even saw some badgers and a fox - it was like a nature excursion!). On the way home, I saw a rainbow. It was just kind of a perfect day.

So perfect, in fact, that Kendall is so tired, this is what he did all day:

And with the exception of the two minutes it took me to find the camera and take the picture, I was right there next to him. Twas loverly! Now, if you will excuse me, I have some soup to eat and some tea to drink.

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