Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Today is the day.

Yes, it is time for WWWdotWEDNESDAYdotCOM, but today is also the day I am actually going to send in my application for grad school.

Yep kids, you heard right...I am going to do it today.

In honor of this, today's link is for Ellis College, where I will be sending in my application and $85 right after wok today. See, with my work schedule and massage therapy practice, going to a brick and mortar school would be very difficult if not impossible, and would also cause Mr. Kendall to turn into even more of a latchkey dog than he already is (and who wants that?). I mean really, look at this face...

Now that I have distracted you with cute dog photos, I will take this opportunity to admit that going back to school has been the plan since I took the new job in November. I had to wait until the first week in June to begin classes so that I would get my tuition reimbursement from the company ($5k a year!), but, you may ask, why have I waited another two months to actually get the paperwork in and get the ball rolling?

The easy answer is to blame it on all the time I spend with HNB, and that has played a part in my delay. Also, I decided that I didn't really want to start grad school at the beginning of the summer, and there are financial aid implications (like me having to fill out another freakin' FAFSA form to start before August/September). Truth be told, even after the tuition reimbursement, I am still going to be paying for a large portion of this with loans, and I am slightly hesitant to take out more student loans than I already have.

I took out a doozy of a loan when I was in undergraduate (I paid my own way through and worked to pay all my living expenses, but tuition and books were expensive) and the one for massage therapy school still has another 12 years left on it, do I really need to add to this?? And, truth be told, my track record for using my degree once I graduate isn't the greatest. I defend this by saying "What the hell can you do with a BA in psychology and a dual minor in English and women's studies besides waitress or be poor?" As for the massage therapy degree, I never intended to use it to provide my sole source of income, so the fact that it is more of a side business really is okay with me.

I figure, I can take 5k worth of class there in the calendar year, if I don't like it, no harm no foul my company paid the bill. Kind of like when the restaurant I used to work for (many, many moons ago) paid for me to take a summer graduate level class in education and I promptly decided that Education graduate students are a special type of crazy and I didn't want to be a teacher. I'll give it a shot, make the most of it, try to explain to HNB why I never see him anymore and bunker down and go back to school.

This just leaves us one question to be answered: Is it appropriate to buy yourself a new back to school wardrobe if you are going back to school online??? I think the answer is yes my lovelies, I think the answer is yes.

PS for my Lawyer Friend: The baby hat is done, the sweater has one sleeve and one entire body done. Today while at work I will make the other sleeve and start working on the neck/shoulders area. Estimated time to completion, Saturday. Pictures to follow promptly.

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