Friday, January 26, 2007

2 Sweatshirts, Hat and Scarf...

...that's what I wore to bed last night underneath three blankets!

Damn its cold here!

This freezing cold makes me feel good that I am knitting for the Red Scarf Project, how wonderful for those kids who are working so hard, to get something hand made to keep them warm. It kind of makes me wish I knit for myself more often, because I am walking around wearing a fuzzy fleece hat from the Gap (not someplace I shop - it was a gift) and a fleece scarf from Old Navy (also a gift). We wont mention the "gloves" I have to put on later. Suffice it to say, they aren't made of some wonderful alpaca or snuggly wool, oh no, my "gloves" are marketed under the term "magic," and they shrink back to the size of a five year old's hand when you take them off, how embarrassing to be a knitter and be seen in such things??

At any rate, I have managed to only be late to work once this week, and I claim no responsibility for the fact that when people in Albany, NY see a snowflake for the first time each winter, it causes them to forget how to drive and ends up taking me twice as long to get to work. Its a kind of math I just can't do in my head. Actually, I can't really do any math in my head, but that's another post...

As for this weekend, I am dating myself tonight. I am going to see this beautiful movie at this wonderful theater. There will be no popcorn, but perhaps some herbal tea and chewy candy of some sort. There will also be the last Red Scarf I am knitting, which has about another six inches or so left to be knit. All that knitting goodness needs to be sent out tomorrow, so I have a lot of ends to be woven in before I trampse over to the Post Office.

Tomorrow night, I have been invited to something wonderful - I'll tell you all about it later. And as for Sunday, four words for you: Restaurant Worker's Christmas Party.

If you don't know exactly what that means, be happy for yourself, and if you do know what that means, please feel sorry for me on Monday morning.

Happy knitting on the kniternet kiddies!

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