Wednesday, January 17, 2007

53 degrees!

It was 53 degrees in my bedroom this morning when I woke up - Fahrenheit, not Celsius!

That is just way too cold! Although I suppose if it was 53* Celsius, that would be way too hot maybe?? Any Canadians out there who can help me out with the conversion??

Granted, I keep my heat set on 64*, but still, VERY unreasonable!

This will be a shorty post today, running late for work as per usual (but at least I feel well enough to GO to work today, right?), and when I say "work," I mean job A and B. I may not be at Job B much longer; it kind of hasn't been worth it lately.... We'll see!

Wish me fun knitting on my breaks at work b/c that is the only knitting I'll get to do today while working from 8:30am - 12:oo am. Somebody remind me why I do this to myself, oh yeah, because its fun!

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