Monday, January 22, 2007

Guess What....

Chenille does not equal mohair!!!!

In a fit of "I want to make something cute and finish it quick" -ness, I cast on for this , but instead of using the Moonlight Mohair, I used the only thing in my stash I thought I had enough of: eight or so skeins of jewel tone green Lion Brand Chenille Thick-n-Quick.

Any other, smarter knitters out there know where this is going???

Now, I checked gauge for both stitch and row accuracy, and I was pretty much on target. I will admit that it came out a little larger than it should have, HOWEVER, I did not take into account the fact that chenille (especially three strands of it held together!) does not have the same weight or drape as mohair.

Basically, I have created a large, floppy green thing that I can throw around my shoulders, and still manage to keep my arse warm, and the top portion of my thighs as well. The problem my dear friends, is that my living room is already covered with little pieces of fuzzy green chenille from knitting this thing up - could you imagine what would happen if I frogged the stupid thing??

This is what I get for trying to make anything with the word "shrug" listed in the pattern - I don't like them, I think they look stupid most of the time, and up until about 1:24 pm on Saturday, I chose not to participate in them. The Knitting Goddess has layeth down her smack, and I must abide. Back to knitting Red Scarves, where I belong.

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