Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I'm a Bad, Bad, Blogger, Part II

It has been brought to my attention by myself, that I frequently begin projects without immediately making a commitment to follow through on them. For those of you who know me, examples of this include, but are not limited to, going to graduate school, starting and expanding my massage business (although technically, I have done that, just not very much lately), and blogging.

The good news, though, is I have been knitting!!!! So far, there are four scarves done for the Red Scarf Project and I have two more on the needles (one at home and one at the office). Time and fiscal budgets permitting, I may also buy more yarn and do a "quickie" - I fear all the scarves I have made are a little girly, and the instructions do say "unisex."

More good news, I started a shawl. It can be so g-darn cold in my office building, that I decided to get over my "shawls are for olde ladies" thing and just start knitting one. I am doing it bottom up, so my fear at how long the rows will be once I get towards the end is pretty big, but I will march on (or start a pair of socks when the time comes to distract me from the tedium).

You may be asking yourself why there are no pictures on the blog yet, and the answer I have for you is kind of sad. Right now, on my digital camera, there are pictures from almost three years ago. It was a trip that I went on for my birthday to visit a "friend" who had moved away. This particular friend is also the one who would erase all the pictures from my digital camera whenever I needed it done, and truth be told, I don't think I have ever erased pictures myself.

See, we aren't even friends anymore, let alone "friends," and it makes me kind of sad in a way that I will never admit that I don't want to erase those pictures from my camera, and I don't want to have to do it myself.

But, I need to.

Or, I could buy a new memory card.

Or hell, I could buy a new camera!

It takes almost 15 minutes for all the pictures to download from the camera onto my computer so I can get to the most recently taken pictures. But probably, I should just delete them, because every time I start downloading, there he is drinking his coffee and looking stupid, me smiling and looking kind of fat in a white shirt (??!!). And seriously, do I really want to spend valuable yarn money on something as silly as a new memory card - I think not!

I will delete them, but maybe just not today. He and I do not work together, this has been documented, studied and verified on numerous occasions. But before we were ever "friends" we were friends, and I miss that more than the "-" but it has come to the point where it is impeding on my ability to blog about knitting and therefore, it must be dealt with!

Somebody, find me the instruction manual to my digital camera!

On a gloomier note (!), I feel like poo today, and had to cancel my date for this evening (very nice guy by the tone of his emails - pictures are handsome - sounds cute on the phone!). Actually, I had to come home from work early too because I thought I was going to yak, and it is very difficult to talk on the phone with the elderly all day when you feel like you are going to get sick. I was fine until about 8 am this morning, and then WHAM!, yak-central. I am still not feeling that well, but I ate some Cream-o-Wheat with apple sauce for lunch and took a nice long nap - and I feel better now!

Off to knit a red scarf, happy knitting on the kniternet kiddies! Pictues tomorrow (maybe!) !

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