Monday, January 29, 2007

Ode to the Bookstore

So I went on a bazillion errands tonight after work, just what I wanted to do after the weekend I had of trying to act like I was 21 again.

Well, the end to my evening, the very last stop was at Border's. I had some books for this that I bought back in October of last year that I had to return seeing as this is not something I am interested in doing any time soon.

Seeing as I was a scoach over the ninety day limit for returns, I got store credit, and what does a knitter do when she suddenly has "free money" in a bookstore? I assure you the answer is not walk herself out the front door, get in her salt covered car, and go home to her dog.

Oh no, gentle knit blog readers and friends o'mine, the knitter heads to the knitting section of the mega-book store, sits her arse down on a stool, and starts going through all of the books! That my friends, is what a knitter does.

Funny thing happened though, while I was reading through the books - I realized that I no longer feel like a beginner. As I looked over all the books that had devoted more than two pages on how to cast on or do a purl stitch, all the patterns for a 2x2 rib scarf and roll brim hat, it occurred to me that I have moved beyond that (just a little). If I want to make a scarf, or a hat, I can do that all on my own, muchas gracias por favor.

Then it hit me that there are so many things in my life that I have gotten to this elemental level of proficiency (maybe I should take the GRE's, that was some wordy goodness right there!), and then I kind of give up on them. Take, for example, yoga. Love it, pretty good at it, do it whenever I feel like it, but not on a consistent basis. My writing, we wont even talk about it because I have renewed the same two books from the library for almost two months solid trying to get the quotations I want inserted into the manuscript. God knows I change careers like fertile women bear children.

But knitting is different, and as I walk away from the beginner books, I am struck by how wonderful it is to me that I have this thing, this talent, tool, skill, whatever you want to call it that brings me so much happiness and peace. It seems a shame that I can't use knitting to bring some of that peace and happiness to the world. That's why this is the book I bought. And you are all just going to have to wait to see what I'm going to do with it, because right now, mama still has a wee bit of a hangover and needs some sleep.

Happy knitting on the kniternet kiddies - keep it peaceful.

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