Saturday, June 30, 2007


There has been much knitting in these parts lately. I got the legs and most of the trunk done on Jennica's baby's bear, and am actually keeping track of what I am doing seeing as I might make this my first pattern!

Although, I realized while knitting on it yesterday at work, I didn't have enough yarn to I made a mental note to get myself to the yarn shop sometime today since they aren't open on Sundays and are closed by the time I get done work on Friday. Then, HNB got done work super early yesterday, and any plans for yarn procurement were placed on the back burner.

What, you may ask, do a wacky knitter and a super smarty trousers HNB do on a Friday night? Well, the wacky knitter decides she wants to go out on the motorcycle, and the HNB obliges with a giant grin on his face as he realizes he has turned her into someone who actually enjoys riding on a motorcycle instead of being someone who is deathly afraid of them and opposed to the whole concept.

We met at his apartment, and, seeing as I understand that when we go there, there is usually some sort of distraction going on which keeps us there longer than I had planned on, and while I do enjoy watching his roommates play video game baseball or play Guitar Hero, I decided to bring knitting with me to occupy myself and my hands (and quiet the nervous butterflies in my belly since even though my mind wants to go on the bike, my belly still gets nervous until we are actually pulling out of the driveway). Nothing big, just a stockinette stitch project - moron knitting.

Well, I had my giant bag-o-crap with me like I usually do, although it was a bit more full than usual because I had to bring a long sleeve shirt and sneakers/socks to go out on the bike with (can't wear Crocs on a motorcycle!) and also had my knitting. HNB kinda looked at the bag with a slightly raised eyebrow, and gave me that "You are crazy, you have so much stuff with you" look, so I defended myself by saying I brought knitting with me, and he looked at me honestly and said "Babe, you can't knit on the bike."

I think dude seriously thought I was going to try and knit on the motorcycle.

Anyway, we took a trip up to Thatcher Park just after sunset, and the moon was almost full. We could see a fireworks show somewhere kind of far away, but neither of us could figure out where they were being shot off from. We sat on the little wall and looked at the view and the moon, and it was really, really nice. On the way home, HNB was almost attacked by a vicious bat, but in the end it all worked out okay, until we pulled into the driveway of my friendly lawyer and her MB's house.

I got my first motorcycle related injury (besides a sore arse). I skinned the crap out of my finger while closing the visor on my helmet as I was taking it off. There was blood involved, but no tears. It is now covered by a band aid and I feel much better, BUT I am not looking forward to having to put the Nu-Skin liquid bandage stuff on it tomorrow while I have clients. That will not feel nice, but a massage therapist has to do what a massage therapist has to do!

Cut to today, HNB and I had a lovely day. He put a new car on the road this week (its a convertible!), so we took that out for a spin. Guess where we ended up - the yarn shop!!!! I just got a few quick skeins for the teddy bear project (luckily the had the same dye lot for the brown color I am using even though I bought it three months ago!). He came in, met some of the ladies and seemed totally comfortable, even impressed by how quick I was able to get in and get out. It was a quick trip - I didn't even look at the sock yarn. Don't think HNB wanted to spend the whole day there, and I didn't want to let him see me in the throes of a yarn fume induced stupor.

So then we went home, he went to work and I took a nap. He's at a party tonight out in the 'Burgh, and I am spending the rest of the night on the couch with my dog and my knitting. I have a client tomorrow, and am pretty tired (not to mention the apartment is not the cleanest and the laundry pile is almost as tall as me), so I wasn't in the mood for an all night drink fest. But, when I am done with the client tomorrow, I am hopping in my car and driving out there because, I am meeting his parents tomorrow.

Wish me luck - I haven't met someone's parents that I have been dating in almost ten years - yeah, true story. I mean, his mom knits and has friends who spin, so she has to be cool, right? And besides, I am fabulous and cute and wonderful (if I do say so myself), how could they not like me??

Somebody pass the yarn - I need to knit the butterflies out of my belly..details to follow!

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