Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Mr. Kendall!

Today, my sweet pup turns four, or 28, but whichever way you do the math, he really isn't a baby anymore. I can still remember the day I went to the farm to pick him up. I had his carrier all set and strapped in with a seat belt, I placed him in there with a few of his new toys and some soft blankets. We made it about a mile down the road before the pathetic and incessant whining prompted me to take him out of his carrier and let him ride home on my lap.

Its been kind of downhill ever since!

He is very spoiled and some might say a little over-attached, but its always just been the two of us. That dog just loves his momma, and sleeping in bed with me under the covers and sleeping in the knitting chair with his farting dog butt aimed at my face...good times!

At any rate, yesterday was the first Mother's Day in eleven or twelve years that I haven't had to work in a restaurant. It was also the first Mother's Day that Kendall hasn't left me a Mother's Day present of some fresh poo on the kitchen floor (something tells me the two are related). We had a lovely mommy/puppy weekend, and it also marked the end of two weeks with no puppy messes in the house. We were almost there about two weeks ago, but Kendall got excited when we got to my friend Erika's house, and had a tiny tinkle on her floor. So even though it wasn't my floor he tinkled one, I still counted it.

Now, we have a good routine, the days that I am gone for longer than eight hours, I put him in the kitchen with a wee-wee pad, but he still doesn't use it, he just holds it. It wasn't like he just peed and pooed all over the house before, it was just that he would miss the wee-wee pad or if he was mad at me he would occasionally poo someplace in the apartment that he wasn't supposed to. It was my fault for not watching him, and I accept responsibility for that.

At any rate, not an issue any more! Now, I just need to rent a carpet steamer and deep-clean my carpet, lol. Have a lovely day, and if you see a special doggy, give them a little extra love today!
Feliz cumpleanos al perro malo!

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amy said...

Happy Birthday Mr Kendall!!!
From Bailey Dog and Amy