Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Thankful Tuesday

Remember when I told you how special Amy is and how I would tell you why in a later post?

Guess what kids, its later!

Amy used to be just an ordinary woman working at the insurance company with me, adjusting claims at a breakneck speed that would make most mere mortals quiver with awe (trust me - I am a mere mortal and I quiver). Then, her cube got moved and she came over to sit in the Corner of Cool with Lee, Kristin and myself...Lets just say the conversations make the guy on the other side of the cube aisle blush. The four of us have a wonderful time talking between calls and it is one of the most socially satisfying jobs I've ever had.

Well, you all know that I think of work at the insurance company as an excuse to knit mitre squares for the 'rents afghan, and I think it was the second day after her cube got moved that Amy asked if I could teach her to knit too. Then Lee asked. Then Kristin.
Lee got her needles and yarn, gave the knitting a shot, and promptly decided she is a crocheter. I try, really I try to not hold that against her ; )

Kristin has a super busy schedule, but I showed her how to do the knit stitch, and she sits happily at her cube garter-stitching up her 20 stitch lavender swatch. She makes me smile.

But Amy, Oh Amy! Amy took the knitting and ran with it. She had her first baby hat done in a matter of two days, done in knit 2 purl 2 ribbing, complete with knit two togethers and sewn up with yarn ends woven in - I was so impressed! (If you are Amy's husband, you may want to stop reading this post).
She spent almost $200 buying yarn, books and notions her first week, and quickly progressed from ack!-rylic to merino from the yarn shop.

Amy is my hero!

Then, to top it off (after letting me read her new book and promising to let me borrow it so I could knit all the patterns from there that I want), Amy did this:

A Thank You card for showing her how to knit - how hard does Amy rock???

And her thank you made me remember that in the dark days of the blog (when there was no camera), this came in the mail and I forgot to tell you about it...

Its a thank you card from the Red Scarf Project for all the knitted goodness from back in February. Who would have expected that, but it certainly was nice to get. I'm still in the process of trying to join the co-op, but as soon as I do, you can expect that I'll be working hard to try and get a charity knitting group started.

You all know that Tuesdays make me king of sad, but last week's Shield episode was so good, I think that it will keep me going until the new episode is up on Amazon for download. At any rate, happy Tuesday and remember to tell someone today that you are thankful for them or what they have done for you - it'll make both of you feel good!

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