Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Knitting Content and Healthy Food

Random post brought to you today by my complete running lateness.

This week's WWWdot WEDNESDAYdotCOM post is for the Honest Weight Food Co-op, which, if you live outside of Albany, probably doesn't concern you too much. I have orientation there on Saturday this week to become a member, and I am super excited. Only took me four months to do it, lol. I really think that co-ops are a great place to shop, even if you don't join them to get the discount. They are staffed with friendly and knowledgeable people who know how to help you eat better foods and take good care of yourself, not just some punk arse kids who need to work at Super Big Box Market to earn money to get their nails done or a new stereo in their car (go ahead, ask me if I am dissatisfied with the level of customer service at my local supermarket - ask me!!).

Even if you don't live near Smalbany, NY, you can just Google the word "co-op" and the name of your town, and I'm sure you'll get something good. I do believe I just wrote directions for how to Google something, perhaps my problem isn't that I am running late, perhaps the problem is that I never fully woke up this morning because who doesn't know how to Google??? Sigh.....

Continuing on, knitting content as promised. This is what the Giant Afghan 'o Doom looks like (it got fed a couple of skeins this weekend):

And these are pictures of my latest project. A very simple increasing triangle shawl, recipe 'a la Harlot.

Handsome New Boy (here on in to be referred to as HNB for reasons of my laziness), invited me to a wedding next month - yeah, I know - and seeing as there is the moratorium on buying new clothes, I figured a nice new shawl would jazz up one of my many black dresses and I would look lover-ly. I have started and ripped it out about five times so far because I tried to do an improvisational lace thing; I am not yet at the level of a knitter who should be doing anything improvisational with lace unless it involved throwing an impromptu dinner party on top of a lace tablecloth. Sigh, again....

And, just because he's random dog picture taken this weekend...gotta love the Mr. Kendall!

Happy knitting!

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