Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Things You Don't See

This week's WWWdotWEDNESDAYdotCOM if brought to you by MSF/DWB (for those of you who do not read the Harlot, and therefore do not know about her wonderful work on this cause, this stands for Doctor's Without Borders, one of my favorite charities).

The link this week is the their annual Top 10 Most Under-reported News Stories for 2006. If you stop to think about how connected the world is, and the speed with which information can get to us and allow us to make changes and help people in need, you have to wonder why these are stories we don't often get to hear about. I will not get up on my soap box right now, because this blog was never intended to be a forum for that, but I do, on a very deep and personal level, question the news media and the stories they report, and the reasons why they report what the do when they do.

That's why I think the MSF/DWB is such a wonderful charity, and why all my tips from my massage therapy practice are getting donated there this year. Check it out, and if they tickle your fancy too, maybe you could donate a few dollars...everyone always gives around the Holidays, and for a lot of charities the Summer months are lean ones in the way of donations, so get on out there and help a kid grow into a healthy adult, where else can you help make a change like that for just a couple bucks??

And speaking of things you don't see, there is a sorrowful lack of knitting around here. Yesterday, I am almost ashamed to admit, I was in too terrible of a mood to want to knit, and therefor, -shudder at the thought- I cross stitched. That promptly turned more annoying than what was bothering me in the first place, and so I got over my problems. Aversion therapy is a wonderful thing, isn't it? Knitting content to follow promptly, promise!

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