Friday, May 25, 2007

What a Wonderful Weekend!

This has been a fantastic week! Handsome New Boy and I introduced out dogs to each other, and things went pretty well - no extended growling or trips to the emergency vet, and Kendall didn't try to hump her (he is in fact neutered; he maintains however, a slightly frightening disposition towards humping things, even if they outweigh him by forty pounds) . I purchased the latest copy of Knit.1, and I am more than just a little in love with almost every pattern in there.

The good just keeps on coming, because my BFF Erika is coming to visit tonight! We are having an early celebration for my birthday, yeah!!!! We are going to go have fondue, both cheese and chocolate, Erika will drink wine, I will whine because I can't drink wine (not supposed to be drinking because of my belly, kinda forgot that rule last weekend - spent three days feeling like poo because of it). She will leave her kid behind with her mom in Syracuse, and I will leave Kendall trapped in the confines of the bedroom. We will go here, I will wear shoes that aren't named after an animal, and we will pretend we still live in Albany, are in college, have no children or real responsibilities and haven't started paying off our student loans.

Fantasy, such a sweet, wonderful far-away land.

I may even wear a skirt.

And as for the weekend to follow, I have a new client to see for Maya Abdominal Massage - very much looking forward to that. The rest of Saturday, I get to go to the craft store because Joann's is having a fantastic sale, and I have a coupon. The parent's Christmas afghan continues to need yarn fed to it, even though I have bought a great googly moogly amount of yarn already. I guess a six by eight foot *before* border blanket requires a lot of yarn. Makes sense.

Then Sunday, oh sweet Sunday... I will be taking Amy, the muggle I turned into a knitter, and we will go to the Massachusetts's Sheep and Wool Fair. It will be my first such gathering, and I am super excited. I also have an extra paycheck coming in next month, and birthday $$$ I can count on, so I think I may be doing a little "pre-birthday shopping." If I can have a pre-birthday dinner on Friday, why not pre-birthday shopping on Sunday, huh???

As for Monday, this is the most Delicious day of all. I will have nothing to do. No clients to see, no office job to go to. No Handsome New Boy to play with (he's going away this weekend), just a Chuck Palahniuk book to read and yarn to put away! Perhaps some laundry to fold, but other than that, zip. zero. zilch. nada.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have fondue to eat and large quantities of yarn to fondle. Have a great weekend everybody!!!

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