Monday, May 21, 2007

Oh, Its a Good Reason Why I've Been Gone

But it doesn't involve yarn.

Well, not really. Its not like I've been knitting or anything.

Gently blog readers, I met a boy.

Take a minute, all of those who know me personally to let this information wash slowly over you as you realize the enormity of the situation. I met a boy, and we went out on not one, not two, but three dates this week.

For those of you who don't know me personally, please take a moment to try and understand that while I have been on more dates in the last sixteen months than I ever thought would be humanly possible, none of them have moved beyond the second date. Well, one of them did but he told me he didn't want to see me anymore the evening of the third date (ironically, this was right after I went to buy yarn to make him a hat with for Christmas...coincidence, I think not). And it has been almost two years since I have been in a relationship.

This is cause for merriment, and apparently a good excuse to not blog.

I will not give details, but suffice it to say, he is very smart, and cute and funny and he has a dog that is just as over attached to him as Kendall is to me. PLUS...I don't know if you are ready for this...He knows how to knit! He doesn't do it obsessively or reflexively like I do, which is good since that means I wont have to fight him for yarn (I'd probably lose, he's a lot bigger than me), but he didn't freak out about all the yarn lying around the house, and, you probably aren't ready for this one. Ladies, prepare yourselves....

He offered to take me yarn shopping at a farm near his parent's house.

Does the happiness just emanate from this blog post? I hope so. Try not to be too jealous, if it ever gets to the point where I need to knit for him, I'm screwed - he's rather tall, and it isn't like I could whip out the measuring tape on our 1st, 2nd, 3rd date to measure his chest (that would be weird and perhaps cause him to not want to go on a 4th date), but something tells me I'd be knitting for a looooong time to make a sweater for that boy.

Something also tells me, I might not mind.

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