Thursday, June 28, 2007

Baby Hats

I have a confession to make.

I have become slightly obsessed with knitting baby hats. We all know about the one where I decided not to give it away, well I finished that one and then cast on for a new hat so I could give it away to the mom to be. Of course, I forgot to wrap it up once I got home from work the other day or to make a card for it. When I saw her at work the yesterday, Amy said "Oh, look...she's still here! Did you wrap the hat?" And then I said some expletives inside my head, and the outloud I said "No."

I started looking around my desk for something to wrap it in, and tried to wrap it in the pretty paper from the potted plant I got for my birthday, which was pretty and bright and pink and yellow, but it was still covered with little specks of dirt that wouldn't come off.

In the end, I very unceremoniously took the hat up to her, unwrapped, explained the situation (she is so tiny, even though she is due next week that I thought I had more time - I mentioned nothing of my unwillingness to give up the hat that was originally meant for her baby), and wished her well and told her I hope I don't see her again for a couple months. Because that is something you can say to someone who is about to go on maternity leave. Its a good thing.

So what did I do when I got back to my desk you ask??? Cast on for another freakin' baby hat. My size 7 DPNs and cotton warshrag yarn have me entranced in a baby hat knitting coma. Baby hats in natural cotton, baby hats in white/sage/blue/lavender stripes, who knows where the shenanigans will end!!!!

And speaking of babies, I am doing my first commissioned knitting for my lawyer friend. I feel kind of like a "professional" because of it. All I know is, at some point, a package will be delivered to me of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino, I will not have to pay for it, and then I will get to knit a pattern I adore and make something cute for someone cute...good times! Speaking of which, I still have to finish the sweater for my Jennica's baby (Just have to kitchener up the armpits, procure/sew on some buttons and block that puppy).

Ooh!!! I said puppy, and that made me think! I just officially derailed the baby hat in cotton train and hopped on the express train to teddy bear land. I bought yarn to make a teddy bear for Jennica when I got the yarn for the baby sweater, and it has been resting in the yarn box for quite some time. I do believe I shall take it out and show it a good time at my office cube today. Because I mean yarn loves to go on field trips - it lives for that kind of thing!

Also, it has been brought to my attention that this blog has turned slightly away from being so much about knitting, and has started to focus a little too much on HNB. This was brought up in his presence, and he blushed a little (which was very cute). Just want to throw it out there that I will be making a more concerted effort to keep things on track over here, this is, after all, a knitting blog. I think HNB and I have found a good groove to be in, and we are moving gracefully out of that spending all the free time on the couch together thing (partially because the futon is gone - good story to follow!), and now that I can knit while he is here, there will once again be knitting content to share. Maybe even with pictures!

And with that, I leave you for this lovely Thursday and will now go hop in the shower and be grateful that I am not the smartee who got super sunburned yesterday - you know who you are and I have two words for you: 1) sunscreen 2) melanoma!

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