Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Changed my Mind

After kvetching about how annoyed I was with HNB for "messing with my computer," I am now going to take at least some of it back because Fire Fox actually remembers my password and log on information for the blog where as Internet Explorer always claimed that it would, but likewise always fell through for me. Lies. Deceit. Betrayal.

So take that honey if you are reading this, and add "fixing my computer" to the list of things that make you awesome!

Okay, lots of responses to the recipe from yesterday, none in the actual comments but thats okay - email is just as good. They are wonderful yumminess, and I promise they will be my new signature desert/you invited me to your house for something there fore I must bring something treat.

This weeks' WWWdotWEDNESDAYdotCOM is brought to you by my cheapness. I am linking to my local library, the William K. Sanford Library in sunny Colonie, NY. Granted, this will not help you much if you don't live near me, but the idea is to get you to your own local library and check out all the wonderfulness they have there waiting for you. Pointing out the obvious here, but they have books, books on tape, DVDs and CDs that you can borrow. There are also magazines and computers you can use, and at least at my local library, they have classes you can take and groups you can join...oh how I miss knitting on Fridays with the ladies, sigh...(damn grown-up job!). And of course, they have wonderful librarians who can help you find what you need and in general tend to be really cool people. And the kicker people, the books, the help, the computers...FREE!!! Get your stuff in on time, and you pay nothing. Zero. Nada. Again, me with the Captain Obvious, but it is a point worth repeating.

So, the moral of this post is...go to the library. Get books. Read them. Bring them back, and be smarter for it!

And on a knitting note, did you know if you are running spell check, and have typed in the word "Cashmerino" as in Debbie Bliss Cashmnerino yarn, spell check tried to correct it to "cash." Coincidence? I think not.

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