Sunday, June 24, 2007


What a weekend!!!

Friday, we had a massage school reunion (CNW Class as Fall'04!), and I got to see a lot of my old friends that I don't get the chance to see very often. I also got to introduce HNB to some of my friends for the first time. It went well - here is some photographic proof.

Me and my friend Alicia, the soon to be Chiropractor. She is much taller than me, and wore heels. I wore flat flips. Lets just say we were eyes to boobs, good times.Theses are my knitting girls, Kiva and Jeanne. We haven't gotten together to knit in quite some time, but plans were made to resume our Sunday evening ritual in the fall.Group shot!

It was wonderful seeing everyone, and I really enjoyed myself. Afterwards, HNB and I came home, and I let him read the blog! We were talking about it while we were out, and it just kind of came up. I let him read the last post, and I do believe he got a little chuckle out of it. As well he should have, because frankly, that was one funny post. He also apologized for telling me the computer had crabs. He's such a good HNB. He also found this picture as wonderful as I did. Two peas in a pod I tell 'ya what!

Saturday, I had a new massage client - you all know how happy that makes me. I was supposed to go up to Middleburgh for a little pool party with my Lawyer friend and her MB, but I was super pooped, and decided to just stay home and wait for HNB to get done work. He ended up coming over after work and I made him dinner (Stop laughing, it was pizza. It was good. Nobody was seriously injured.).

While waiting for HNB to get done work- brace yourself for actual knitting content! - I cast on for a baby hat. One of the girls at work is mucho preggers. I thought that even though we aren't that close, I would make her a little hat and bootie set, just to, you know, be knitterly. I wasn't even halfway through the cast on, and the phone rang. It was my best friend Erika, calling to tell me that after over ten years, and a lot of crap, her boyfriend had finally proposed!!!! (Happy Dance that my BFF is getting married - FINALLY!!! - and that she is leaning towards a destination wedding. Did somebody say vacation???). So I continued knitting the hat thinking what nice mojo to be putting into a baby hat.

Then, HNB came over and I made dinner, and while it was cooking I sat with him on the couch and worked on the hat (This was deadline knitting seeing as the hat really needed to be done by Monday). I realized that was the first time I knitted while he was here, more good mojo to put in the hat.

Today, we had a wonderful day. The dog let us sleep in late (almost till 9am!!), then, seeing as I had cooked the night before, and I have a quota of cooking no more than once a week I need to maintain, we went out to breakfast and had a lovely time. While at the diner, I smoked some really good crack and decided that I would go for a motorcycle ride with him. See kids, I am terrified of motorcycles, and the first thing I said after finding out he has one was that I was never going to get on it, so he shouldn't even ask.

And kind of in the same way I like to teach people to knit, you let someone be around the yarn, see how much fun you have with it, don't give them any pressure, and 99.87654% of the time, they will come to you and ask for you to teach them. Such was the way with the HNB and his motorcycle. We drove around Albany, through Washington Park and up the highway a little. I must admit, it was much funner than I though it would be, and I felt very safe with him. As soon as we pulled out of his driveway, I released my death grip on him, and realized that I really just needed to hold onto him with my knees and very lightly with my hands. It was super fun, except when we got off the bike and my arse felt like my arse has never felt before - it was difficult to describe, but slightly painful to experience. HNB laughed at me a little, seeing as we "weren't out for that long." I was so distracted by my tingling arse that I didn't even take a picture, but I assure you, it was good times and the back of my boyfriend's helmet is super sexy, lol!

The fun times continued well into the afternoon, when, for the first time, he invited me to go watch him play flag football. His team was in the championships and they had a late afternoon game instead of an early morning one. So I took the baby hat out into public and sat behind the end posts (not my most brilliant move because every time they had to kick a field goal, I had to get up out of my chair and pray they didn't swerve right with the kick). Then, it occurred to me.

This baby hat I was making for some girl I barely knew and never really talk to has a lot of wonderful personal mojo in it, and I don't want to give it away to her. It was started while my best friend talked about getting engaged, worked on as the first piece of knitting I did while HNB was over, and it was part of what may be to date the most wonderful day I had with HNB. Its not like I used some crazy expensive yarn (Peaches-n-Cream, baby!) or some insanely difficult pattern, but I realized sitting there watching HNB play football and thinking about the grand scheme of things, that my knitterly generosity had met its match.

This has never happened before. People talk about being a result oriented or process centered knitter, and I am definitely the former. I don't tend to get tied up in the outcome of my knitting; if I am making something for someone, when the item is finished it goes to them.

But not this time. Nope. Not so much.

This tiny little hat, made with dishrag cotton and about five hours of my time over what amounted to one of the best weekends I've had in quite a while is too special to just give away to some girl I barely even know. No, this little hat is going someplace safe, not necessarily for me to keep (because what do I need a baby hat for?? -- and trust me, the gauge is a little big and I tried it on, it doesn't fit me), but at least until I find someone more deserving of the mojo, with a head that it will fit.

Even though it doesn't fit my head, it looks pretty cool as modeled by my knee , right?? And with that being said, I am off to sleepy time - I'll polish up the spelling and post this bad boy tomorrow so my Lawyer Friend has something to read while she's at work tomorrow instead of, um, you know, lawyering ; )

Have a great week everyone, and I promise not to wait until Friday to post again!.

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