Friday, June 15, 2007

You Say It's Your Birthday...

This is what I walked into on Wednesday, big thanks to Amy, Lee, Michelle and Kristin for their cube decorating skills...

Little overwhelming, no?

This is a good picture of me, wearing my headset that is festooned with curly ribbon streamers and what amounts to a plastic ribbon sea anemone looking think on the side of my head which was meant to invoke the feel of an island flower. You can partially see how cute the new bangs look, and I am realizing that this may be the first time I have posted a picture of myself on here where you can actually see my face, so for those of you who don't know me, here I am!

This, while not a good picture of me, does show me sitting at my desk where you can (clearly) almost see the picture of Edward Norton that Amy cut out of a celebrity smut magazine and taped to my cube wall while I was on a particularly difficult phone call. My supervisor came over the other day and said, "Who is the guy on the surfboard? Is that your new boyfriend?" I could only stammer in my head, Hell yeah that's my new boyfriend, in my dreams!!!! because alas, while I may love me some Edward Norton, he may not, in fact, reciprocate those feelings, even if I do have a picture of him hanging at my desk. Sigh....

Sorry for the tangent, HNB and I are going to the wedding tonight, so there may be an actual picture of him up and on my desk before long. The wedding wrap got blocked, and it looks good. The FinePix has officially stopped focusing (as the munchkins would say, "Its not only merely dead, its really most sincerely dead"), and I am on my way to new camera shop today after I leave work early for the wedding. (By the way, who gets married on a Friday night, that just doesn't seem right to me - its like people who get married on a holiday, kinda rude).
All of these pictures were taken with Amy's camera, sent via the magic tubes of the Internet to my lovely laptop, and then saved and posted here. Gotsta love the technology! Suffice it say, there are more pictures of fantastic things that I would love to post for you, but I am unable to steal Amy's camera to bring it home to take pictures of them. God willing and the creek don't rise, new camera today, new pictures tomorrow.
I leave you today with the obligatory pictures of the birthday cake.

What are those round pink, yellow and purple things on the cake that look like squiggles you ask?

BALLS OF YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amy, when ordering the cake had to argue quite profusely with the bakery to get them to do that, apparently the only decorations they feel should go on a birthday cake are balloons. Everyone I work with looked at me a little oddly as I said, "There's yarn on my cake!" in a happy voice. Think they thought there was actual yarn on my cake, which would not have been yummy to eat or good for the yarn. Too much fibre in your diet is a bad thing after all. Get it? Fibre/ Fiber....I crack me up!
All in all, it was a wonderful day, and thank you to all of you who were a part of it - you guys rock, and a girl couldn't ask for a better group of cube mates and friends!

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