Monday, June 11, 2007


Not so much in the mood for blogging today, but if I don't, it sets a dangerous precedent for the whole week, and next thing you know its Tuesday next week and I realize I haven't blog chicka blog blogged in almost two weeks (Amy, you know what song I'm singing that too, right???).

First, giant props to My Lawyer Friend Nicole for both her lovely comment from two posts ago and the rockin' party she threw on Friday night. Good times were had by all, especially by her boyfriend the birthday boy. HNB also had a really good time. In fact, he was still being reminded of what a good time he had on Friday night when we hung out on Saturday night. Poor baby. On the way home, we made friends with a little bunny we saw on the side of the road, but, on the off chance that he may ever read this blog someday, I will not go into details. Suffice it to say it brought up the differences between two people, one of whom is a vegetarian and one of whom is a hunter. Interesting conversation to have at 2am.

Moving on, the wedding shawl continues to grow at a slightly alarming pace. Should have it finished and blocking by this evening, tomorrow at the latest. NOT loving the Moonlight Mohair or my Balene knitting needles, they are a little difficult to work with together although I feel that separately they may be okay. I don't know. I'm working with size 15US needles, and they are a little big to grip comfortable and work with quickly. I have to keep an eye on the yarn and make sure that I am not splitting it and that both strands make it on and off of the needles.

Truthfully kids, I'm just a little grump today. No one's fault, and really, I shouldn't be taking it out and complaining about my yarn and is so not their fault that I'm a wee bit pissy today. At any rate, I am getting my hair cut tonight, big ups to my girl Courtney at Jean Paul, her cuts last me a minimum of four months, and now that I am growing it for Locks of Love, its closer to six months. Just getting a trim, maybe add some layers, take out some weight/bushiness and of course, I'm getting my baby bangs.

Before and after pictures tomorrow, along with the photos of my first attempts at blocking (wish me luck!). And now, my favorite way to end a post, random cute dog photo - ttfn!

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amy said...

Yeah I know the song and understand.. Very cute pic of Mr Kenndell.. And you have the right to be alittle pissy.. By the way the shawl is beautiful