Thursday, March 29, 2007

1-5 in Under 9

Think I can blog 5 things I am grateful for in les than 9 minutes?

Here goes:

1. My car - I totally love my car in all its Toyota goodness. Sometimes I wish she were a hybrid, but then again, if need be, I can fold down my back seat and sleep comfortably. That has to count for a lot.

2. The birds are back in the trees outside my bedroom window. In the early morning now, it sounds like I am in the middle of a woodland forest, and I love it!!!

3. Going to the eye doctor's today to get new glasses! Super excited for this one (and grateful) because I now have decent vision insurance, and I am probably going to be saving close to $300.

4. Being healthy. Cheesy, I know, but it wasn't that long ago that I had a lot of problems with my tummy and my digestive health. I went for acupuncture this weekend, and had a mild return of my old symptoms ( I think it was just the old energy finally moving out of my system), and it has made me SOOOO grateful that I don't feel like that everyday anymore.

5. Libraries. Need I say more? There is just something wonderful about a place where you take things, learn from them and/or are able to be entertained by them, and then you bring them back...and its totally free! So much knowledge, just waiting on the shelves to be checked out.

Whew... I did it! Doesn't matter, I'll still probably be late to work ; )

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