Thursday, March 1, 2007

Maye two weeks DOESN'T make a habit...

Yeah, I have been a bad, bad blogger. Actually, it is more correct to say that working this 9-5 job just has my schedule all screwed up and is driving me nuts. I can't get up early enough in the morning to accomplish much of anything, by the time I get home at night, it's all I can do to fix myself dinner and not fall asleep in the knitting chair at 7:30pm. And the weekends, don't even get me started on the weekends. All I want to do is snuggle on the couch and knit. Now with the added benefit of Netflix occasionally delivering me episodes of yummy Vic Mackey goodness, I am helpless to actually perform meaningful tasks.

On the upside though, I bring you pictures and explanations.

Picture #1 - Living Room Afghan - DONE!!

Picture #2 - Green Sweater (Front only - DONE!!)

What I had planned to do with this:

...just wasn't working so I frogged and began anew - so far, I am VERY pleased with the results. Since this is considered the "green sweater" for list purposes, I do not consider the fact that I technically cast on for a new project as interfering with the list. I must tell you though, casting on for something else was a joyous occasion - when its time for the second Sockotta sock, I promise you no danger of 2nd Sock Syndrome.

3. Mod Podge Goodness, Part Uno (the Desk) **more on this at a later date

Yes, I realize it is practically on the floor - there is a method to my madness which you are not privy to at the moment. All will be clear in time my sweets.

And last, but not least, Mod Podge Goodness Version 1.0 (The Necklace)

This was made by printing out a copy of The List on several different pages of co-ordinating scrap book paper. I then cut out the individual goals into 1/4 - 1/2" strips, covered them in Mod Podge, rolled them around a 1.5mm DPN and left them to dry. They came out lovely, and I was getting ready to string them up on a necklace, when I noticed there were only 99 beads. I checked the list, and was surprised to find out that I never included a #35 or #41.

So, I have been waiting to decide what to do about the two missing goals before I finish up the necklace. Any suggestions??

Other than all of that, not much is new around la Casa del perro malo, I have a massage client today, so I am super excited, might get together for an impromptu S&B tomorrow night with my friends J and K...who knows what will happen. Most likely though, I will probably spend my weekend cuddled on the couch with my poorly socialized and ill behaved dog, knit and watch The Shield. And I wonder why I am still single...

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