Tuesday, March 27, 2007


So, I decided that I am going to change/add #35 to the list...

35. I will do at least one thing to get myself towards one of my 101 goals every day.

This could be knitting a row on a mitten, or writing a page in the new novel. Could be reading a page in one of the many books I have on my To Read List, or it could be staying up all night tonight watching The Shield season 5 DVDs which will be delivered today. Mmmm, Vic Mackey goodness....

I have also decided to give a run at #94, Keeping a Gratitude journal for two weeks. I figure by writing it down in a book, it would force me to go buy a new journal at Borders, and why spend the money on a new journal when I can do it for free on here, and plus, its good blog fodder. So, I will be back for two full weeks you lucky readers.

In no particular order, here are five things I am grateful for right now:

1. The ducks are back in the pond next to my building.

2. It is warm enough so that I can leave the windows open and hear the ducks outside. Also, how nice is it to open the house up in the spring and air it out??

3. My heat is off. (Duh, I have the windows open, did you think I was trying to heat the whole outside?)

4. I have lost track of how many knitting projects I have on the needles. I love having enough yarn, needles, and inspiration to be able to say that.

5. Organic dry beans. Seriously, I made a pot of kick-ass organic lentil soup with barley and carrots...whole pot of soup, probably cost me less than $4. How can you not love that? Healthy, filling and cheap!

Well, I do have more things to be grateful for, but I also have another thirteen days to go, so I have to save some things for later, right? Happy knitting kids, see you on the Kniternet!

PS - Please don't notice the lack of pictures, sorry...working on it!

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