Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday Blogging!

Can't remember the last time I blogged on a Saturday...its kind of nice not having to worry about hurrying up and getting in the shower to go to work. I really enjoy the leisureliness of my Saturday and Sunday mornings, only problem when I look up at the clock and see it is 7pm and I still haven't gotten out of my jammies. Oh well, we all need a break some times.

Five things to be grateful for:

1. Today is my last Passion Party...I have been doing the parties for almost four years, and it used to be a lot of fun. Lately though, not so much. I just don't enjoy doing them, and I haven't been doing as many or making as much money doing them as I used to. My credit card processing fees went WAY UP, so I decided to just stop the whole darn thing. Plus side is, since I decided to stop doing the parties, I have gotten two new massage clients through no real effort of my own. Close a window, open a door.

2. Realizing I don't have to be so busy all the time...There was a time, about four months ago, where I took great pleasure in being able to say I had five (5!) jobs...a) Office job b)Restaurant job c) massage business d) Passion Party business e) writing and trying to publish the book...and stupid me, I thought all of this was a good thing! Well, I have since gotten rid of b and after today, d will be done. I need a to pay the bills, and c and e make me so happy that they are things I do for myself. I'm still busy, but I don't feel that I have to fill my life up with things that are no longer congruous with what I want or who I want to be.

3. New shoes...specifically new running shoes. Please see #58...I have decided to start training to meet that goal today, first stop, new shoes! I found this great training schedule that seems totally do-able for me. My friend Gillian has suggested I "bump up" the goal to do this, and the training schedule would put me at the 5k mark at the correct time, we'll see. Can you knit and run at the same time, that might get me motivated to get out there and just do it.

4. Stash...odd thing to be grateful for, but, seeing as the parents are coming!!! the parents are coming!!!, I have been cleaning and organizing the whole apartment, and I am pleasantly surprised by the amount of stash I have. Not too much, but enough that I can cast on for many different projects with many different needles when the creative bug bites me on the arse. And, as of right now, it can all be contained in the "craft closet," notice I said "can," not "is." Don't look at me in that tone of voice, I like to see my pretty yarn. All. Over. The. Apartment. Keeps me motivated!

5. Waking up in the sunlight...I took the curtains off the bedroom window that faces my bed, and it is so nice waking up with the sun in my face. Better that than a dog's arse on my head or the alarm going off while it is still dark outside. That's one of my favorite things about Saturday!

Well, I'm off to go get new running shoes, some ink for my printer (So I can do my taxes this weekend - I mean it this time!) and a paper shredder. Odd combo I know, but hey!

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