Monday, March 5, 2007

Looky looky loo!

Look what I did!!!!

Slight modifications/mistakes made to the pattern include adding extra stitches and waist shaping to the back, making it a keyhole instead of a V-neck, and I also didn't crochet the edges - I did a mattress stitch around the arm holes and left the neck plain; size 10 needles with ???? "mill ends" acrylic yarn from AC Moore (even though it is acrylic, I still really like this yarn).

How cute am I??? That isn't a rhetorical question people - comment damn you!! (And for those of you who don't know me, I do have another side of my body [duh, without another side how could I knit??!!], I do not, however, have the patience to try and take a good picture of myself. I promise the sweater looks the same on the other side too.)


The knitter who finally made something she can wear and only has two things left to finish knitting before she can cast on for a **NEW** project!


JG said...

Hey there Karen!
It was good talking to you today. I'm still working on my very first knitting project - A Scarf! WOW - it's a lot for me, you know, being a new knitter and all! But I hope to one day knit something cool - like socks! Not too sure about the sweater but maybe.
Send a Hello to Alicia for me.

Anonymous said...

Karen, that looks great! Good for you!!