Thursday, March 22, 2007

If Warshrags are Wrong, I Don't Want to be Right

Wanna see what I did at work the other day???

I was able to accomplish the casting on, pattern design, knitting and casting off of an entire washcloth while filling idle time at work on Monday - God sometimes I loves me job!

The picture is terrible, and I apologize, I have the very bad feeling my camera may have pooed the bed so to speak. She is an old camera and has taken many fine pictures, but she is wide and heavy and cumbersome, and now with her lack of clear picture taking ability, it may be time to donate her to my little brother to destroy. Alas, we shall see what type of shape she is in before next month's planned excursion to NYC.

Speaking on NYC, this week's WWWdot WEDNESDAYdotCOM (brought to you a day late because I HAVE NO FREAKIN' IDEA WHAT DAY IT IS) is going to seem a little silly in an obvious way to those of you who are knitters, but for those of you who are my friends and have not wandered over to the Blogs I Am Reading toolbar to click on some knit-blog wonderfullness.... I present to you The Harlot. She makes me proud to be a Canadian-American and a knitter and a woman. She is in NYC for the launch of her newest book, and it is set to be a rockin' good time in Gotham today. I am sorry only that I did not plan my life better and kidnap a friendly knitter or two to drive down there with to represent.

See, this is where having the job is bad, because if I was still at the restaurant, I could just get the night off, reschedule my clients and drive on down. But I couldn't knit while working at the restaurant, so I guess things all work out in the end, huh?

More better pictures of more better knitting if the camera permits. Go see the Harlot (seriously, if you Google "Harlot," she is the first thing that comes up - no joke!) and marvel at the number of comments she gets...kind of makes a knit blogger think that she should get some comments, sniff, sniff, sob, sob!! I know you guys are reading, so come on, show me the love...or buy me some yarn, whichever, I'm flexible!

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Anonymous said...

Hi, It was lovely having dinner with you last night. I took your advice and am reading your blog. I also am taking a look at your list of things to do. I can help you out with number 15 and I would be insulted if you didn't call me for that.