Monday, March 12, 2007


So, ya'll have seen my delicious green wrist warmers, and you know how much I love them and that they are not only a fashion statement, but I NEED them to keep my wrists warm and my carpal tunnels loosey goosey, right???

Well, I had a meeting at work with my manager a little while back, and he looked at me with complete sincerity in his eyes, and asked if I was cold. Of course, my first thought was if the headlights were on (if you know what I mean) because, frankly, I have worked in restaurants for ten years, and that question is normally followed by a downwards glance towards the nippage area. But no, I am in the corporate world which is free from sexual harassment and manager thought I was cold because I always had my wrist warmers on, and couldn't think of any reason to wear them other than because I was cold. Ever hear of fashion, ever hear of being "hip"? Actually, my boss is a pretty cool guy, so I gots to cut him some slack, maybe he just needs to be around more knitters, but then again who couldn't benefit from being around more knitters???

On a super positive note, I am down to only two projects on the needles - Sockotta socks and the green shawl - one for work, one for home. I went to the yarn store yesterday, and purchased yarn for the Peace Knits felted messenger tote and also some black Pima cotton/silk blend for a beanie type hat. My goal is to have both current projects off the needles by the end of this week, and I want to make sure I have proper encouragement to get on with it.

Also in the positive column, I have finally learned enough at work that I can actually knit while I am on the phone, listening to the elderly drone on about their medical problems and how "you people" screwed this, that or the other up...a couple of rows really takes the edge off sometimes, 'ya know?

Well kids, it is 7:30, time to hop to it and get my arse in the shower. Peace out, happy knitting, and may all of the yarn you really, really want be on sale.

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