Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Don't Want to Be Late!

Ok, this is a quick post to say that I don't have time to do a full post, BUT I wanted to get something up here before I left for work. Today's WWWdotWEDNESDAYdotCOM is actually a very entertaining article that I found, thought you may enjoy it, I know I did! It doesn't say for certain they are knitting, but even if it is the dreaded crochet that they are doing, still pretty frickin' cool!

Five things I am Grateful For, Day #2

1. The new boy I met on Sunday wished me "sweet dreams," the other night while we were instant messaging...that is one of the needy chick things that I have done in the past which, I am certain, has led to the breakdown of a future possible relationship. I am so happy he did it first! And, c'mon, how sweet is that??!!!

2. The Shield...I watched the first four episodes of The Shield season five last night, and let me tell you, Kenny Johnson was breaking my heart (in a good way). If it wasn't for the fact that he was born the same day (and year) as my mother, I may have to fall completely in love with him, but seeing as he is technically old enough to be my father, he kinda falls into the category of people who are older than my mother who I am not allowed to date. Plus I think he is already married. And he's famous. He may also live in California. Doesn't mean I can't fall in love, lol! Seriously, fantastic acting with a very moving story line - god I love the Shieldy goodness!!

3. I ordered the software to do my taxes with. Lets find the gratitude in being able to afford the software, and having the opportunity to spend all weekend engaged in doing math and using a calculator. Can you knit and add at the same time? I'll let you know Monday! And I just decided, if the refund is more than $500, I am buying a ball winder - YEAH!

4. My apartment is relatively clean, and with having the windows open, the winter funk is really starting to get out of here. Finally, it is really starting to feel like Spring!

5. I am doing my last Passion Party on Saturday. I will post more on why this is a good thing at a later date, but suffice it to say, I am grateful for the opportunity to wrap that business up and focus on this one.

Hey wow, it turned into a full post! Once I get on a roll, I just can't stop...well, I am off to the showers, the post office, possible the library, and work. Peace out, it's going to be a grateful day!

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