Friday, March 30, 2007

Insert Your Own Title Here

Can't think of a good title for this blog today, so feel free to sing out i the comments if you can think of one. I'll do a random drawing from the millions of entries I am sure to get, and give you some sort of free knitted goodness if I select your title. You have until 8am on Monday April 2, 2007 to get them into me. Winners announced Monday.

Now onto the gratefulness...

1. Bunnies...I saw a client last night, and while walking into my office, I saw a bunny munching on some early spring greens right in front of the door. Very apropos for this time of year, and it put me in such a wonderful mood for my session.

2. Aloe vera's like natural PeptoBismal, only instead of "binding you up" as my grandmother would say, it relieves the belly discomforts while keeping the system running smoothly, no pun intended. That's it for the poopy talk today. Promise.

3.Checking the toilet paper...I said it was the end of poopy talk, not potty talk - there is a difference. I have had some problems as of late with the management company who owns my apartment building. I asked them to switch the light bulbs in the bathroom light because based on where the light is mounted and the way my counter comes out, I couldn't do it myself. Instead of switching the bulbs, they switched the whole light fixture, and in doing so, they removed my only outlet in the bathroom. Fast forward a week of having no outlet in the bathroom, I come home, find the dog had been let out of his bedroom prison, and started to wonder if someone was in the apartment ready to kill me because I hadn't been told they were coming over to work on anything that day. But I saw the pink work slip on the kitchen table and then felt a little safer. I took the dog out, came back in so I could tinkle myself, and fortunately, I look at the toilet paper before I use it, because they had in fact replaced my light switch in the bathroom to now include an outlet. Problem is that the outlet is right over my TP holder, and there were bits and pieces and giant chunks of plaster all over the cottony soft goodness of my premium TP. Good thing I checked before using, huh? Big chunks of plaster, not such a good thing on TP.

4. People liking hand knit of the ladies at the new job retired yesterday, so I knit her a warshrag and filled it with some Burt's Bees samples that I have. Quick, simple, easy and cheap, and she loved it. Kind of goes without saying that if what you knit is not hideous or overwhelmingly scratchy, the people you make it for will like it. They may not appreciate all the work you put into the tiny stitches, but they will like it, and that counts for a lot!

5. Peaches 'n Cream cotton yarn...please see #4. I am seriously grateful for this yarn and intend to buy large quantities of it in the near future. Spell it with me kids, S-T-A-S-H!!!

Camera news update...sorry for the lack of pictures and knitting content. The camera situation should be resolved this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for a picture heavy post sometime in the next few days!

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