Tuesday, February 27, 2007

At Least I've Been Knitting!

Sorry I disappeared from blogland, but I promise I have been doing a whack of wonderful things with two pointy sticks and LOTS of string.

Since I last posted, I have finished the 4 ply Living Room Afghan. By finish, I do mean I finished knitting and binding it off, but did not weave in the ends. C'mon, you know me, don't act so surprised.

I also decided the green sweater I had started wasn't going to work into something wearable, despite my best laid plans. To that end, the tube I had knitted for the body/waist area was frogged and I cast on for this little cutie. When I say "cast on," I mean I spent Sunday watching 8 episodes of The Shield, 4 DVD commentaries, and knitting my little heart out. Needless to say, I got almost the entire front done, and I finished it up last night. The back is straight St st, but I am thinking of trying to work the cables around to the back - we'll see how that one works out for me.

There was also some miscellaneous crafting and cleaning done this weekend - pictures of which are to follow tomorrow with www .wednesday.com - Peace out peeps!

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