Monday, February 5, 2007

# 85

You may have noticed that I joined the 101 things in 1001 days meme-along. It just seems like such a good idea - it's been a very long time since I sat down and made a huge list of all the things I wanted to accomplish in a time span that goes beyond a month. It was super hard thinking of 101 things to do, but I think the list reflects well on who I am and where I am, and also who I hope to be in the future. I don't think anything on the list is too "out there," and I think they are all things that will make me a better/stronger woman.

That being said, the very first thing I decided I could do was #85...Staring today, I will blog everyday for the next two weeks. I read somewhere once that it takes two weeks to turn a task into a habit, so I am hoping that through the series of "Two Week" goals that I have made for myself, I will be able to set up some good long-term strategies for being a better, healthier person.

On to the knitting! I have realized that for a "knitting blog," there has been a sorrowful lack of knitting on here lately. For this reason, I bring you pictures of the red scarves...All SIX of 'em!

Four of them were done in Lion Brand Homespun, two were done in Patton's Voodoo (discontinued). There is a cabled scarf (my first cables!!! - how I fell in love with doing cables...), a garter stitch keyhole scarf, two plain garter stitch scarves (one Homespun and one Voodoo), one Very Harlot Scarf, and one scarf worked horizontal in garter stitch.
And apparently, I can not figure out how to put my pictures IN my post, they all just float up to the top. Anyone have a suggestion on how to stop that?? Oh well, at least there are pictures, right? Happy Monday kiddies, and happy knitting on the kniternet!

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