Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Strange Dreams, and the Heat is On

Last night I was playing fetch with Mr. Kendall, and my aim was a little off. I threw the toy and it hit the wall in the area of the thermostat...No big deal I thought. Shortly there after, I sat on the couch to read a book by John Irving (I am going to kick my list's arse!), and quickly was overcome with the feelings of sleep. At 8:15. See what happens when there is no TV!

Well, I gave in to my sleepiness, took off my glasses and drifted off with the gentle sounds of my furnace kicking on. Lets just say I had an weird dream last night, and in an odd way, it did include knitting.

I dreamt I was back in high school and mega-pregnant, like 15 months pregnant my belly was so big. My parents and I were living in the same house we lived in when I was in high school, only it wasn't the same high school I went to. It seemed like it was a school down in NYC - do you know how when you dream sometimes, you just "know" that you are someplace? it was one of those types of things - well anyway, I am living in upstate New York, going to high school in NYC, massively pregnant, and guess who is my doula. That doesn't even compare to what came next, because I think this guy was either my baby daddy, or I was a horny little pregnant girl and was trying to work on #5 with him anyway. Either way, not so much my style. In the end, I can't even remember if I gave birth in my dream, so I'm just stuck being eternally 15 months pregnant, lol.

Yeah, that was a weird dream, and I kept waking up through the night to the sound of the furnace being on, and kind of surprised that I wasn't cold with just the one blanket I had on me, so when I woke up this morning, I looked at the thermostat. Apparently, last evening's game of "fetch" should be renamed the "accidentally turn the thermostat up 20* game."

I can't wait for the NiMo bill. The only time it will ever be that warm in my apartment, and I slept right through it. Oh well, at least I had a fun dream from all the heat!

PS - Obviously, there was no knitting last night with the going to bed at 8:15 and all, the fingerless gloves will be finished and photographed for tomorrow, I promise!

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