Monday, February 12, 2007

Why me???

Okay, so I figured out how to put the pictures in throughout the post, THEN I went and figured out how to "fix" my camera (something about the "new" batteries I put in just weren't doing the trick - it would let me take one picture, and then the camera would shut new batteries took care of the problem), and now, I can't get the pictures to download from the camera onto the laptop. I'm starting to notice a trend.

So, without nay a picture to show you, I will tell you what I am working on.

Old stuff.

Old stuff I'm not sure I really wasn't to be working on, but I have to get #78 crossed off before I can move on to any new knitting. So, I have developed a knitting plan. This plan is somewhat similar to the plan I established for Christmas 2006, which was a very successful plan.

This week, I am finishing up the Spring Socks. They will, in fact, be my first finished pair of socks - EVER!!! I am so proud! I am going to leave the Sockotta socks at work, and I am going to make myself do 4 rows on the shawl a day until it's done. As for the afghan, as soon as I am allowed to watch TV again, that will be done in three evenings, if not less.

The sweater is a different story, because I have no pattern and am not sure what I am doing with it, but I have ideas, and that's all a knitter really needs, right? Which brings us to the fact that I found something else - a bag that I wanted to felt - that has been sitting in my closet since last summer. That might get bumped up to work knitting because it is just St St worked in the round on large needles, one of my favorite kinds of knitting.

Well, now that you all know what a fickle knitter I am and how undedicated I am to my MANY knitting projects - I bid you good morning. I have a camera/computer problem that needs to be addressed. Mod Podge tomorrow??

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