Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunday, Sunday...

Hi! Sunday's are for being lazy, and for being crafty. I have a client today, which means I will be forced to take a shower and put on clean clothes and drag my arse up to Clifton Park, BUT it also means I can go here to buy groceries!!! Is it sad that I am actually excited about that?

Someone suggested to me a way to fix the picture problem I was having, so I bring you some oldies but goodies, i.e. Christmas presents from 2006.

These are scarves made for my little cousins, who are all under the age of five. They are made out of a continuously cut strip of fleece, and are super warm and fuzzy. Cutting the fleece was a total pain in the bum, but they came out so cute and the boys love them (and actually wear them), so that is all that matters, right? The pattern can be found here, and I just modified it by adding a key-hole so my aunts could really tie those suckers on the kids.

Next Christmas 2006 knitting picture is one of my favorite things! It is the first blanket/throw I ever made, AND it was for my grandparents so that makes it extra special.

It was knit with three strands held together, I used Lion Brand Thick and Quick (the cream color) and a pink and a bluish-grey Wool Ease. Just basic St St worked with a garter border and some tassels. It worked up quick, the grandparents loved it, and it assured my place as the favorite grandchild for another year to come.

Well, it appears that I have managed to learn how to put my photos in throughout the post. It was something simple called "cutting and pasting," anyone ever heard about that? Sometimes, I am so computer illiterate. Well, now that we have THAT problem, taken care of, I am off to work on my camera issues, because I have been working on something that needs to be photographed. Hint: it does involve a knitting needle (size 00 dpn), but involves no yarn.

Two words for you: Mod Podge!

Happy knitting kiddies!

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