Saturday, February 17, 2007

I'm So Smucking Fart!

Look what I did!!!

The Forgotten About bag is the first one done (and slightly felted) off the list!

I'm not sure if I am most proud of the knitting, or of having FINALLY figured out how to get my g-darn pictures on here, where I want them!!! Either way, I rock!

Seeing as I can now load up the post with pictures and therefore, do less actual typing, I present for you, a gallery of UFOs (as was noted in the comments yesterday by my dear friend Alicia, not everyone who reads this blog is a knitter, although I am working on converting them all...UFO stands for un-finished object, i.e. still on the needles, and as for felting, info on that can be found here).

UFO #1 - Spring socks, EFD (estimated finish date - tomorrow, seriously)

UFO #2 - Sockotta Socks, EFD - ? (these are work knitting and will most likely be the last thing that actually gets finished up, however I do love the yarn in a slightly unhealthy way)

UFO #3 - 4 Play Living Room Afghan, EFD - next week (again, seriously. I joined Netfilx again, and have started ordering the Shield DVDs, and got my first shipment yesterday. Not sock knitting stuff, so as soon as the Spring Socks are done, the afghan , Vic Mackey and I are cozying up on the couch)

UFO #4 - Green Shawl, EFD - two hanks of yarn later (I am working four rows on this bad boy a day until the other two hanks I have of the yarn are gone. There is a baby sweater I want to make out of the yarn I made this shawl with, so there needs to be some figurin' over how much I'll need for that before I can really go to town on the shawl)

UFO #5 - Green Sweater, EFD - probably when I decide I really want to knit something else and this is the only thing standing in my way (I think I know what I am going to do with this, but haven't figured it out 100%...good news is, there is lots-o-yarn for this one!!)

So there you have it, you are now all up to date on my knitting mis-adventures. When all of this stuff is done, I have two babies to knit for (small things for both of them), and then I think I am going to start working on my parent's Christmas gift. Yeah, I typed Christmas gift. I am going to get the yarn today!!! Wish me luck, and yes, I know it's only February, but when the yarn is on sale, you go!

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