Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Greetings my dear readers. I had a fantastic idea, and I am now going to share it with all of you!!

It is called WorldWideWonderful .Wednesday.Community, (or www . Wednesday . com for short- written that way because the link that will sprout up if I type it the other way brings you to some weird site). What I am going to do on every Wednesday, instead of doing a full on blog, is to select one of my favorite blogs, and set up a link so you can go and check it out too.

The beauty of this, is that I am hoping to prompt some of the lurkers out there (myself included) into commenting and getting the word out there on other fun, exciting blogs that we all may want to read about. So, without further ado, my first www . Wednesday . com posting is... Concateknit. Her post today is especially funny, and for those of you who know about me and my public restroom fetish, you will get a definite kick out of this! Happy clicking and I'll see you guys on the kniternet!

PS - Mod Podge goodness for tomorrow, I promise...oh, and btw, I can't do math. Look at the list, and tell me if you see something (or two-thing) missing...

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