Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Winter arives! And a V-Day rant!

Thank you for visiting Karen on the Kniternet. Your hostess cannot come to the blog right now, seeing as her half an hour in the morning before work blog-time is being taken up by shoveling snow off her car. Please join your hostess in welcoming winter, and in the same breath, telling it that it can go back to where it came from.

Stupid snow...makes me have to shovel : (

On this Valentine's Day, I would just like to say, that I do wish I had a love muffin to spread my buttery spread on (if you know what I mean), but more importantly, I wish I had someone to shovel off my car for me and take the dog outside to tinkle when it is hella-crappy out like this. Just a reminder to all those whiny people out there who will complain that their sweetie pie forgot, or didn't get them what they wanted...IT'S A MADE UP HOLIDAY DESIGNED TO SELL GREETING CARDS!!!!!!! Get over it, and then get over yourself. If your love muffin does nice, everyday things for you, try and find the love in that, and go buy yourself a box of chocolate, or better yet - buy some yarn. And if you still have some time left, wanna come shovel out my car???

Happy Valentine's Day, and remember, it isn't your muffin's fault they forgot Valentine's Day, it's Hallmark's fault for thinking the whole stupid thing up! Happy knitting!!!

PS - I created this post last night, BUT, I am writing this PS today, so this does, in my mind, constitute "blogging" for today, and my uninterrupted streak continues.

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