Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Damn camera!

I have wasted over half of my blogging time this morning trying to figure out how to get the little pictures in my camera out, and in to my laptop. Twas not a success.

Therefore, gentle reader(s), twill be a short blog.

I have nothing to tell you about the knitting except, it continues. I am not particularly in love with any of the projects I am working on, but because of the list, I must persevere, I simply must. There are felted messenger bags and mittens in my future, and I must make my way towards them.

The list is progressing nicely, and I have been getting some input and suggestions. One of the most marvelous things is that I have been going to my writer's group again, and have really started working on editing and polishing the last novel, and I have also started writing on the next one. So far, both endeavours are going well, and the ideas for the new story are flowing pretty smoothly. When I sit down to write, I usually have no specific thought in mind (you may have noticed this by reading the blog), but the ideas magically spring forward out of the recesses of my mind. In the past, the only times this happened were between 10am - 2pm and again from 11pm-2pm.

This schedule of creativity is not conducive to my 9-5 job, and so, I have been spending the better part of the last two months figuring out when it was that my body wanted to write. So far, consensus is 9pm - 11pm is the answer. I've got my groove, I've got my general story outline (it's all in my head!), and I got some encouragement last night at my group, so I'm all set to rock this party out...

...see you on the best seller's list, I'll be the short one knitting! **

** (Something tells me there may, in fact, be lots of other short women knitting that are on the best seller's list, I mean have you been to a bookstore lately and looked in the "crafts/knitting section," it's kind of out of control. Point being, I may not be the only one there, but I will be in good company!)

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