Sunday, February 18, 2007

Think I can walk around barefoot at work tomorrow??

Look what I did!!! (finally)

My very first pair-o-socks! I would like to thank my friend Gillian for being the knitter who started the club that got me around other knitters who made me want to do things besides knit scarves and baby blankets, and also The Yarn Harlot for writing a very simple and straightforward "recipe" for socks in this book.

I even went back and Kitchener stitched the toe on the first sock "the right way." Originally, I mis-read the sock recipe, and though it said to Kitchener stitch 8 stitches together (4+4), but it is two sets of 8 stitched (8+8), hence the wonkiness on the first toe. Oh, but they are beautiful now, and my feet feel slightly unworthy, like maybe I should shave my legs and paint my toes pretty colors to make them look pretty enough to be put into these socks. Please don't any of you hold your breath while waiting for that to happen!

I also went back and turned this:

Into this:

I cut almost a foot off the handle and then did a three needle bind off with the stitches. I thought about Kitchener stitching it, but it just didn't look right. I am now so in love with this bag - I wished it matched my socks so I could wear them together tomorrow, but it doesn't, and I don't care...Fashion/matching be damned, I am knitter, look at me knit and not match and wear Spring Socks with a brick/wheat colored bag while rockin' out with a pair of green alpaca wrist warmers...Any funny looks I get tomorrow will only be because people are jealous of my krazee kool style and knitting ability, at least that is what I am going to tell myself!

Peace out kids!


Heather Heaney said...

Wow I love the bag. It is awsome. You could totlay sell these.

Alicia said...

I don't think those socks are going to get you an closer to certain goal on your 101 list....still love them though. Miss you much. Maybe on of my weekly things will be commenting for you to your blog is quite entertaining..even for us none knitters :)