Thursday, February 8, 2007

Look at the Yummy!!!

Aren't they delicious??

These fingerless gloves may just be my favorite thing I have knitted in, oh, I don't know...FOREVER!!! The way the pair of them keeps my wrists so warm and toasty, it almost makes talking on the phone all day at work less of a crap-fest.

I went to the S&B at my LYS last night - so much fun!!! I have been to a S&B before, but never in the presence of so much yarn. I know I will sound like a newbie when I say that all the yarn was a little distracting and I wanted to just get up and walk around and decide what I want to work on next. I just wanted to touch all of it and take it home with me...but alas, I was a good girl. I did decide, however that I think I want to make the messenger bag from Knitting for Peace out of several shades of Noro alternating through the project...we'll see!

As for tonight, wish me fortitude as I try to not watch TV on what previously had been the only night of the week I intentionally plunkered down to watch specific shows. It's only twice that I will miss them, and remember, I can still watch Grey's on the laptop tomorrow! Peace out kiddies - Happy Knitting on the Kniternet!

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