Saturday, February 3, 2007

How I Spent My Saturday Night, Part Deux...

Okay, I am probably not the only one who thinks it's kind of sad that I am posting about last Saturday on THIS Saturday, but this my dear readers has been an eventful week.

Let us start at the beginning, with the wedding I attended last Saturday night. You may have been able to discern from my lover-ly cross stitch piece that it was not a boy-girl wedding. It was in fact, a commitment ceremony, because I live in New York and we are stupid here and don't let people who love each other get married! (breathe...) Anywhoozels, I was privileged enough to be invited to my friend's commitment ceremony, and it was wonderful.

I have this thing about gay people getting married. First off, I don't like that they have to have a "commitment ceremony" because they aren't allowed to legally get married. It sounds like they are being sentenced to a mandatory stay at some nasty-arse psych hospital. Semantics aside, it's time for some math...

Now, most information I have ever read on the subject says that about 10% of the population is predominantly interested in sex with partners of the same sex. Okay, so then you figure that only a percentage of them ever come to feel comfortable enough with those feelings to be free to act on them in a way that would allow them to form a loving relationship that leads to wanting to spend the rest of your life with someone.

For the sake of argument, lets just assume that out of the 10%, 90% are out there, actively looking for love (I just pulled this number out of my arse for purposes of conversation, I have no idea on the actual numbers, bear with me...). So out of only 9% of the population, if you are lucky enough to find someone you want to make and share a life with, that gives me hope. As someone who has been heterosexually single for quite some time (wait until the novel gets published, you will all understand), it gives me great hope and strength to think that out of that small percentage of people, two people could find each other and fall in love and get married. It just makes me happy and it makes me want to dance.

So that's what I did on Sunday evening at my Christmas party - I was happy and I danced. I also drank Cosmos. Actually, I asked for a Cosmo, and I swear to gawd this woman poured ice into a plastic cup, dumped some cheap vodka in it and threw some cranberry juice in. No triple sec, no lime, no martini glass and Dear Lawrd there was ice in it.

I had two of them.

Point being, if I wanted a vodka cranberry, I would have asked for one.

It was a really great party though. Sadly, any of the pictures taken of me do not shed a great light on the fine, upstanding moral person and knitter that I am. Lets just say the only pictures I've seen so far involve me, my friend Amy and a chair...good times! On a brighter note, there is one picture of my ass that looks great - yeah for yoga!!

However, probably the most eventful things that happened this week was that I quit the restaurant. I am now down to only having one job, two businesses and a novel to publish. I went to talk to the girl who makes the schedule to ask her to take me off for next week, and found out that she had already done it. My last day was Wednesday night, and for a while, I was kind of sad about it, like wanting to cry about it and stuff. I feel better now, I knitted my way through it.

Now, I am going to focus on the massage practice and looking into starting a charity knitting group. I am on my way to a new LYS today to see if they know of any charity knitting groups in town because I haven't heard of any of them. As far as this weekend is concerned, I am doing my taxes. When I say "doing my taxes," what I really mean is doing all my bookkeeping and receipt checking for two businesses for the entire calendar year of 2006. I am off to Tar-jay to buy sustenance (i.e. Red Vines and Sour Patch Kids) - wish me luck and big tax returns!

Happy knitting on the kniternet kids - I wonder if I can knit and use an adding machine at the same time......

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